The Church on York

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The Church on York
Location 4904 York Blvd, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California
Owner Graeme Flegenheimer
Type Performing arts venue
Seating type standing
Capacity 500 (upstairs)
200 (downstairs)
Built 1913
Opened 1936 (as Church of Christ)
Renovated 2013 (as The Church on York)
Closed 2014

The Church on York was a performing arts venue and historic site in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. The site dates back to 1913 and originally housed a Methodist congregation, the building's architects were Robert Train and Edmund Williams. In 1936, the site became the "York Boulevard Church of Christ." The building was left empty in the late 1990s/early 2000s and acquired damage from disuse. In 2013, Graeme Flegenheimer, son of Eric Flegenheimer of The Net Result,[1] leased the building and renovated it to become The Church on York Performing Arts Space, the building has been nominated for historical monument status by Charles J. Fisher and Flegenheimer has been working to preserve the building with the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council, the Council District 14 office, Occidental College and the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce. After renovation, The Church on York opened its doors and began hosting concerts in November 2013, the venue was forced to shut down in May 2014 due to noise complaints, lack of permits, and underage drinking.[2][3][4][5][6]

Notable Performances[edit]

Reggie Watts Iceage Jandek


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