The Emperor's New Groove (soundtrack)

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The Emperor's New Groove
Emperors New Groove Soundtrack.jpeg
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released 2000
Genre Soundtrack, film score
Label Walt Disney
Producer Various artists
Walt Disney Animation Studios chronology
The Emperor's New Groove
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
(2001)Atlantis: The Lost Empire2001
Singles from The Emperor's New Groove
  1. "My Funny Friend and Me"
    Released: November 14, 2000

The Emperor's New Groove is the soundtrack to the 2000 Disney film The Emperor's New Groove. It features vocal performances by Shawn Colvin, Tom Jones, Eartha Kitt, Rascal Flatts, and Sting. The album was released in 2000 by Walt Disney Records, the music is by Sting and David Hartley, and the score is by John Debney. The album included many songs that were written for Kingdom of the Sun,[1] the original incarnation for the project, it also included Spanish and Italian versions of "My Funny Friend and Me".


The Emperor's New Groove was one of the first Disney films after 1999's Tarzan that was not a traditional musical, but only featured a few minor songs. The project was originally intended to be a musical film and many songs cut from the film as the plot changed are included in the soundtrack.

JustPressPlay explains:[2]

The Sweatbox, which has been almost entirely buried and forgotten by Disney...follows the production of the film from phase 1 as part of the deal made with Sting to write the film's soundtrack (a soundtrack which was left almost entirely on the cutting room floor save for the song which cuts awkwardly in at the start of the credits).

Track list[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Performer Length
1. "Perfect World" David Hartley, Gordon Sumner Tom Jones 2:21
2. "My Funny Friend and Me" Hartley, Sumner Sting 4:38
3. "Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song)" Hartley, Sumner Eartha Kitt 3:37
4. "Walk the Llama Llama" Hartley, Sumner Rascal Flatts 2:02
5. "Perfect World (Reprise)" Hartley, Sumner Tom Jones 2:33
6. "Run, Llama, Run (Score)" John Debney John Debney 2:25
7. "One Day She'll Love Me" Hartley, Sumner Sting & Shawn Colvin 4:11
8. "A New Hope (Score)" Debney John Debney 1:46
9. "Beware the Groove (Score)" Debney John Debney 8:15
10. "The Jungle Rescue (Score)" Debney John Debney 3:17
11. "Pacha's Homecoming/The Blue Plate Special (Score)" Debney John Debney 7:32
12. "The Great Battle/Friends Forever (Score)" Debney John Debney 6:18

Bonus Tracks[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Performer Length
13. "Un Amigo Como Tú" (Spanish version of "My Funny Friend and Me") Hartley, Sumner Sting 4:38
14. "Un Amico Come Te" (Italian version of "My Funny Friend and Me") Hartley, Sumner Sting 4:38

Critical reception[edit]

MediaMikes described the film's music as "fun".[3]