The Family Corleone

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The Family Corleone
The Family Corleone cover.jpeg
Author Ed Falco
Country United States
Language English
Series The Godfather
Genre Crime novel
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Publication date
May 8, 2012
Media type Print (hardback) and audiobook
Pages 448
ISBN 0446574627
Preceded by The Godfather's Revenge

The Family Corleone is a 2012 novel by Ed Falco, based on an unproduced screenplay by Mario Puzo, who died in 1999.[1] It is the prequel to Puzo's The Godfather. It was published by Grand Central Publishing and released May 8, 2012.[2]


The novel, set in the Great Depression, is the story of how Vito Corleone consolidated his power to become the most powerful Don in New York City. Also, it tells of Sonny Corleone's inauguration into the family business and Tom Hagen's graduation from being an adopted member of the Corleone family before becoming the consigliere. The novel also reveals how Luca Brasi first became associated with the Corleones, and introduces a number of new characters, including the crime boss Giuseppe Mariposa.


Reception for the novel was mixed to positive,[3][4] with George De Stefano in New York Journal of Books arguing that "Ed Falco deftly pulls off a feat of literary necromancy, bringing back to life one of the most iconic figures in American popular culture: Don Vito Corleone."[5] The Washington Post's Patrick Anderson wrote, "Falco has captured Puzo's rich prose style and eye for detail. If you want to read another installment of the Corleone story, The Family Corleone is a solid piece of work."[6] Kirkus Reviews gave it a positive review, calling it: "A worthy addition to the lurid world of the Five Families."[7]

Film adaptation[edit]

The estate of Puzo had sought to keep Paramount Pictures from producing a feature film based on the novel.[8] This has been resolved, with Paramount gaining the rights to make more Godfather films (as of early 2018, no plans had been announced).[9]

Audio book[edit]

An audio book of The Family Corleone was produced by Hachette Audio, read by Bobby Cannavale.


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