Darbhanga–Ahmedabad Antyodaya Express

DarbhangaAhmedabad Antyodaya Express is an unreserved express train of the Indian Railways for connecting Darbhanga Junction in Bihar and Ahmedabad Junction in Gujarat. It is being operated with 15559/15560 train numbers on once in week; this train was started as Jan Sadharan Express on 04 Feb 2015 with the Rake zone of Western Railway, It has become popular for direct connectivity to East and West part of India with lower rates. Till 4 years it gave service. After approval for a more comfortable journey from Ministry of Railways of India, it was converted into Antyodaya Express and the Rake zone was transferred to East Central Railway Zone, it covers the distance of 2016 km with an average speed of 50 km/h on both sides. The important halts of the train are: Darbhanga Junction Samastipur Junction Muzaffarpur Junction Chhapra Junction Ballia Ghazipur City Varanasi Junction Manduadih Allahabad Junction Satna Junction Katni Junction Jabalpur Junction Itarsi Junction Khandwa Junction} Bhusaval Junction Nandurbar Surat Bharuch Junction Vadodara Junction Anand Junction Ahmedabad Junction The train consist of 22 coaches: 16 General 2 Second-class Luggage/parcel van As the route is yet to be electrified, it is hauled by a Samastipur Diesel Loco Shed based WDM-3D or WDM 3A locomotive from Darbhanga up to Itarsi handing over to an Itarsi Electric Loco Shed based WAP-4 locomotive for the remainder of the journey until Ahmedabad.

Train Reverses its direction 2 times: Allahabad Junction Samastipur Junction Sabarmati Express Ahmedabad - Darbhanga Sabarmati Express 15559/Darbhanga - Ahmedabad Jansadharan Weekly Express 15560/Ahmedabad - Darbhanga Jansadharan Weekly Express

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