The Folk of the Fringe

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The Folk of the Fringe
Author Orson Scott Card
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, LDS fiction
Publisher Phantasia Press
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
ISBN 0-7126-3637-4
OCLC 60021810

The Folk of the Fringe (1989) is a collection of post-apocalyptic stories by American writer Orson Scott Card. These stories are set sometime in the near future, when World War III has left America in ruins. The stories are about how a few groups of Mormons struggle to survive. Although all of these stories in this book were meant to stand alone, they each include at least one character from one of the other stories which helps to make them a cohesive collection.


This book also includes interior artwork by Glen R. Bellamy, an "Author's Note: On Sycamore Hill" by Orson Scott Card and an "Afterward: The Folk of the Fringe" by Michael Collings. The essay by Card was originally published in the 55th issue of Science Fiction Review (1985) under the title "On Sycamore Hill: A Personal View".

Many of the stories take place in, or are connected to, a fictional post-apocalyptic state of Deseret around the former Mormon areas of Utah, which was clearly inspired by the historical State of Deseret.


As with many of Card's other literature, a Christian/Mormon influence is present in this book.

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