The Gateway (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

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The Gateway
The Gateway (New Brunswick, New Jersey) is located in New Brunswick, NJ
The Gateway (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Location within New Brunswick, NJ
General information
Type Mixed-use highrise
Location New Brunswick, New Jersey
Coordinates Coordinates: 40°29′51″N 74°26′52″W / 40.49741°N 74.44775°W / 40.49741; -74.44775
Completed 2012
Roof 298 ft
Technical details
Floor count 23
Floor area 623,893 sq. ft
Design and construction
Developer DEVCO
The Vue

The Gateway is a mixed-use tower in New Brunswick, New Jersey adjacent to the Northeast Corridor Line New Brunswick rail station. It was proposed in February 2005 by DEVCO as part of the Easton-Somerset redevelopment area.[1] Several businesses were relocated from the site during 2008 and 2009.[2][3] The project was completed in September 2012,[4] at a cost of $150 million.[5]

New Brunswick is one of nine cities in New Jersey designated as eligible for Urban Transit Hub Tax Credits by the state's Economic Development Authority. Developers who invest a minimum of $50 million within 0.5 miles of a train station are eligible for pro-rated tax credit.[6][7] The Gateway is one such project located just to the north of station[8] and is connected by a new pedestrian bridge. This creates a direct link to the Rutgers' College Avenue Campus.[9][10][11]

The completed project is the tallest building in New Brunswick, at 23 stories.[12] A city spokesman described it as "like the center of the universe for people coming to New Brunswick."[5] The Gateway was expected to attract residents and the university community downtown.[13]

The Gateway includes:

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