The Grandiose Nowhere

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The Grandiose Nowhere
The Grandiose Nowhere.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedEuropean Union April 30, 2010
United States May 4, 2010
GenreGothic metal
Gothic rock
Hard rock
LabelNapalm Records
Lacrimas Profundere chronology
Songs for the Last View
The Grandiose Nowhere

The Grandiose Nowhere is the ninth studio album by Lacrimas Profundere, released on April 30, 2010.

Track listing[edit]

1."Be Mine In Tears"3:24
2."The Letter"3:53
4."I Don't Care"4:02
5."Her Occasion of Sin"2:42
6."A Plea"3:09
7."Not for Love"3:24
8."The Fear of Being Alone"3:06
9."My Little Fear"3:29
11."Dead Heart Serenade"3:23
12."No Matter Where You Shoot Me Down"4:05

Bonus limited edition Digipack tracks[edit]

  1. "All Is Suffering"
  2. "Of Words and Rain"


  1. "Lips" - 3:52
  2. "I Don't Care" (The Downward Remix) - 3:38
  3. "A Plea" (Basement Sessions) - 3:21
  4. "Lips" (Video) - 3:55


  1. "One Hope's Evening" (Acoustic Version) - 3:38
  • Released Only like a Christmas gift for a limited period and posted in the Facebook of the band