The Last Alarm (sculpture)

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The Last Alarm
Artist Robert Daus
Year 1996
Type bronze
Dimensions 120 cm (48 in)
Location Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°2′24.334″N 87°55′13.855″W / 43.04009278°N 87.92051528°W / 43.04009278; -87.92051528Coordinates: 43°2′24.334″N 87°55′13.855″W / 43.04009278°N 87.92051528°W / 43.04009278; -87.92051528
Owner City of Milwaukee

The Last Alarm is a public art work by artist Robert Daus. It is located in front of the Milwaukee Fire Department headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 7th and Wells Streets.[1]


The sculpture consists of bronze boots, jacket, gloves and helmet stacked neatly as if in preparation for a funeral procession. The boots stand upright and face forward, and the jacket is folded neatly on top. Gloves rest on top of the jacket and beneath a helmet bearing the Milwaukee Fire Department insignia. The sculpture is mounted on a black granite pedestal inscribed with the names of workers who sacrificed their lives fighting fires. A brick plaza surrounds the work.[2]