The Lost Girls (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

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"The Lost Girls"
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode
Episode no. Season 10
Episode 7
Directed by Alec Smight
Written by David Weddle
Bradley Thompson
Production code 1007
Original air date November 12, 2009
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Death and the Maiden"
Next →
"Lover's Lanes"
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"The Lost Girls" is the seventh episode of season 10 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It is also the final part of a crossover trilogy that links all three CSIs together for the first time; the trilogy began on CSI: Miami with "Bone Voyage" and continued on CSI: NY with "Hammer Down". It features Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ray Langston, who trails the case of a missing girl from Miami to New York and back to his home town of Las Vegas.

Plot summary[edit]

Dr. Ray Langston is back in Las Vegas and still searching for Madeline Briggs after trying to find her in Miami and New York. At the same time, a local weather girl, Deedee, is found dead outside the Tangiers Hotel & Casino, dressed as a hooker. When the team examines her, they discover Madeline's blood on Deedee's earring and an equally important tattoo. They theorize that Deedee and Madeline may have lived in the same place and shared the same pimp, so they go to a nightclub and spot another hooker, Diane, with the same tattoo as Deedee. They arrest her on a bogus charge but get a lead when she calls her pimp from the station. The team follows her to a house where they see one of the pimps, Anthony Samuels, wearing the other earring seen on Madeline. Searching the house, Ray finds a bloody mattress and a lock box filled with money, casino chips and driver's licenses, including Deedee's. In the house, the team finds Diane, beaten to a pulp, and she says she had another tattoo covered over by Anthony. This leads the team to believe she used to belong to another pimp - Dmitri Sadesky, a Russian professor at WLVU. Ray studies the mattress and finds definite matches to the blood of both Madeline and her unborn child. In the meantime, Catherine Willows goes through the security footage from the Tangiers to try and figure out what really happened to Deedee and discovers Diane to be the murderer because she was jealous of Deedee being liked by Anthony more than her. Dmitri is caught with evidence in his car from the leg Ray and Horatio Caine found in Miami and more dead women's bodies are found in the desert. With no other choice, Dmitri helps the team take down the human trafficking ring and admits he did have Madeline, but let her go because she was useless to him. Ray finds a way to send Madeline a text message saying her mother loves her in spite of everything that's happened. The message reaches Madeline and she meets Ray outside the crime lab.

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