The Man in the Funny Suit

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Keenan and Ed Wynn are seen in this photo from the program.

The Man in the Funny Suit (1960) is a television drama detailing the agony endured by actor Keenan Wynn while helping his father, comedian Ed Wynn, play a serious role in the original television production of Rod Serling's Requiem for a Heavyweight.

Requiem was the elder Wynn's first dramatic role after decades of comedy. When Wynn flubbed a line or was uncertain of how to proceed, he would fall back on his old comedic catchphrases and jokes, mostly out of habit. As Requiem was an intense drama scheduled for live broadcast, this caused much consternation and worry among the staff and cast. When the time came for the show, however, Ed Wynn surprised everyone with his flawlessly heartfelt performance.

The Wynns, Ned Glass, Maxie Rosenbloom, "PLAYHOUSE 90" announcer Dick Joy, Ralph Nelson, Serling, and Red Skelton play themselves in this installment of The Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, originally broadcast on 15 April 1960. The Man in the Funny Suit was written and directed by Ralph Nelson, the director of both the original 1956 Playhouse 90 television Requiem for a Heavyweight and the later 1962 movie version, which stars Jackie Gleason and Mickey Rooney in Keenan and Ed Wynn's roles.


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