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The Melville residential high-rise.

The Melville is a skyscraper located at 1189 Melville Street in Downtown Vancouver's Coal Harbour neighbourhood. The tower stands at 122 m, or 42 storeys tall, to the top of the main roof, a reported 141 m to the top of the glass "sail", and has 232 suites; the building was built in 2007 and is the sixth tallest building in the city. The Melville is the tallest fully residential building in western Canada.[citation needed] There is also a smaller building as part of the complex, which serves as a hotel; the hotel is under the Loden brand, a boutique hotel chain.

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Coordinates: 49°17′16″N 123°07′25″W / 49.2879°N 123.1236°W / 49.2879; -123.1236