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The Merck Manuals are medical references published by the American pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. (known as MSD outside the United States), that cover a wide range of medical topics, including disorders, tests, diagnoses, and drugs. The manuals have been published since 1899, when Merck & Co. was still a subsidiary of the German company Merck.

These manuals were originally developed in book form, but have been updated and converted to digital formats, including websites and mobile apps. Digital versions also include audio, 3D models, and animations.[1]

The first Merck Manual, Merck's Manual of the Materia Medica (1899), was a small reference book that became widely used: by the 1980s it had become the world's best-selling medical text. Since then, several manuals have been produced, and are regularly updated; the titles include:[2]

  • The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, commonly called The Merck Manual. This is the descendant of the 1899 book.
  • The Merck Manual—Home Health Handbook is a consumer edition, introduced in 1997.
  • The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms was a small printed reference summary of symptoms intended for medical students, physician assistants, and the like.
  • The Merck Veterinary Manual, introduced in 1955, covers animal health care.
  • The Merck Manual for Pet Health is a consumer, or pet owner, edition.
  • The Merck Manual of Geriatrics was introduced in 1990, focusing on health care for older patients.
  • The Merck Manual of Health & Aging is a consumer edition.

The Manuals for human health were converted to a web format in 2015 and are hosted on in the US and Canada, and throughout the rest of the world. The sites includes two versions tailored for consumers and health care professionals; the Manuals are available online in 10 languages.[3] The Manuals for animal health were converted to a web format in 2002 and are hosted on[4]

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