The Ninth Cloud

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The Ninth Cloud
Directed by Jane Spencer
Produced by
  • Jane Spencer
  • Gia Muresan
  • Wendy Thomas
  • Julia Verdin
  • Christo Dimassis
  • Richard Hudson
Written by
  • Jane Spencer
  • Lucy Shuttleworth
,Leo Gregory
Release date
  • 5 April 2014 (2014-04-05)
Running time
93 minutes
Country Switzerland
Language English

The Ninth Cloud (also known under the working titles Bob's Not Gay,[1] Men Don't Lie,[2] and Cloud Nine) is a 2014 independent comedy-drama film directed by Jane Spencer. The film stars Megan Maczko as Zena, a dreamy young woman that falls in love with an American expatriate.


Zara is a beautiful vulnerable young London woman that goes through her life in a dream-like haze. She falls in love with an American expatriate aspiring theatre director, whom she idolizes as perfect.



Plans to film The Ninth Cloud (then titled Bob's Not Gay) were announced in 2006.[3] The following year William Baldwin, Irène Jacob, and Julia Jentsch signed on to perform in the film, and filming was slated to begin May 2007 in Bucharest.[4] Financial difficulties delayed shooting and the film's working title and star lineup changed several times.[5] Actor Guillaume Depardieu was at one point attached to the movie but Spencer was forced to recast after Depardieu died in 2008.[5] After casting Madsen and Maczko,[6] Spencer began and completed principal shooting in 2011 and the film was in post production in 2012 and 2013.[5][7]


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