The Old House, Hereford

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The Old House, Hereford.

The Old House is a historic and distinctive black and white half-timbered house in High Town, Hereford, England, built in 1621. It is now a museum.[1]


The Old House is a well-preserved half-timbered Jacobean building in the centre of Hereford,[1] it was built in 1621 as part of Butchers' Row. In 1816, other buildings on the row started to be demolished,[2] it has been used by butchers, ironmongers, and bankers during its existence. Old House is now the only remaining house in the original row, surrounded by more modern buildings.


Since 1929, the Old House has been a museum presenting life in Jacobean times, the house is furnished in the style of the period. Objects on display include baby walkers, beds, and wall paintings.

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