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Krrish Square
General information
Status Under construction
Location Colombo 01, Colombo
Country Sri Lanka
Coordinates 06°56′00″N 79°50′44″E / 6.93333°N 79.84556°E / 6.93333; 79.84556Coordinates: 06°56′00″N 79°50′44″E / 6.93333°N 79.84556°E / 6.93333; 79.84556
Construction started January 2017
Cost US$ 650 million
Landlord Urban Development Authority
Top floor 373 m (1,224 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 89, 73, 60
Design and construction
Architecture firm CCDI Group
Developer The One Transworks Square (PVT) LTD
Other designers Dandi Living Limited
Edouard Francois
Wilson Associates

The One previously known as Krrish Square is a set of three skyscrapers under construction in Colombo, Sri Lanka.[1] The 80-storey mixed-use tower, 73-storey residential tower, and the 60-storey commercial tower will be built on a 4.3-acre (17,401 m2) land,[2][3] leased from the Urban Development Authority (UDA) for a period of 99-years, at a cost of Rs.5 billion (approximately US$39.6 million, May 2013 rates). The project is owned and run by the Krrish Group, an Indian real-estate company established in 1983.[4] Official construction of the project was expected to be commenced in June 2013,[5] but was delayed until January 2017 due to payment disputes with the UDA,[1] some test piling was conducted at the project site in early 2013.[3]

According to R. P. Gupta, the CEO of Krrish Group, the commercial segment of the project is expected to attract major Fortune 500 companies who are interested in setting up offices in Colombo.[6] Several of these companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Mitsubishi, and others have expressed interest in the commercial spaces and residential apartments.[3] The Krrish Square development offices are currently located on the 35th floor of the World Trade Center's West Tower.[7]


The project, currently ranked as the 10th largest of its kind in the world, current stands with a total project cost estimate of approximately US$ 650 million.[8] The Krrish Colombo project was also granted multiple tax concessions by the government, commencing with a 10-year income tax holiday and subsequently a concessionary 6% tax for the next 15 years.[8]

The project will be built over the historical Transworks House. A larger portion of the land bought for the development was previously used by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for car parking facilities,[8] the architectural design of the project is to be carried out by Kukreja Associates, while interior design will be done by Wilson Associates of New York. Exterior landscaping will be done by Dandi Living Limited. Paris-based architect Edouard Francois will head the preservation and redevelopment of the historic Transworks House.[6]

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