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Developer(s) The Only Sheet
Stable release
5.132 / April 29th, 2016
Preview release
TOS CORE v2.00 / January, 2014
Operating system Windows/Mac OS
Platform Microsoft Excel 2007+(PC), 2011+ (Mac)
Type RPG playing aid
License subscription based or standalone

The Only Sheet Plus (or TOS+) is a character creation and maintenance role-playing game tool for players of the D&D3.5 system, and Pathfinder RPG system.[1] The implementation is done using the System Reference Document (for D&D3.5) and the Pathfinder Reference Document (for Pathfinder RPG). The Only Sheet Plus is an example of a Dynamic Character Sheet.[2]

The software is a macro enabled Excel Workbook which runs on Microsoft Excel 2007 or later for Windows, and Microsoft Excel 2011+ (v14.1+) for the Macintosh.

Main features[edit]

TOS+ allows users to create either D&D3.5 or Pathfinder Characters/Monsters, and subsequently maintain these creations as they advance in levels. Equipment, spells, treasure and such can all be tracked in the workbook:

  • Dynamic: Apply effects directly on the Character during gaming (Dynamic Play video)
  • Stacking Rules: Implements the Stacking Rules
  • Error checking: Helps create consistent Characters
  • Support: The Community Forum (see below) allows for technical support
  • Customization: Almost anything can be customized
  • Printable: Output is similar to official Character sheet
  • Epic and Psionic support for D&D3.5 Characters
  • Ability to define and apply Themes to the main worksheets (as of v3.7+)
  • Uses ToolTips to denote the source of various bonuses (ToolTips video)


On PC: TOS+ requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher, updated to the latest service pack. On Mac: TOS+ requires Microsoft Excel 2011 or higher, updated to the latest service pack.

TOS+ does not function in non-Excel spreadsheet applications because those versions do not contain VBA. TOS+ does not work on Excel 2000, 2002 and 2003, as those versions of Excel generate a Too many different cell formats error. It does not function in Excel 2008 for mac, as that version of Excel does not support VBA.


TOS+ can be used either:

  • Directly on a Laptop (using the LapTop worksheet).
  • As printed output: Various worksheets can be printed to represent the Character.


Characters can be exchanged between people, like the Dungeon Master and a player). The "Save Character" option of the Control Worksheet can be used to generate a small .tos file, which can then be sent to others.

Community Forum[edit]

Opening in May 2005, The Community Forum for The Only Sheet has attracted over 3,300+ members (as of September 2012). The forum has sections for both TOS FREE and TOS+, but only TOS+ is actively supported. A host of Play-by-Post games are hosted on the Forum, where all players are TOS+ users. Hundreds of classes and races have been created and shared by users of the forum.

The Community Forum also serves as a contact points for the Loot Divider product, a tool which enables groups to track treasure and the value of items, including magical items with properties.


  • December 2003: Work on the Dual-Class Character Sheet starts. It supports 2 classes.
  • April 2004: The Dual-Class Character Sheet is released as Donationware
  • August 2004: The Dual-Class Character Sheet is renamed Multiclass Character Sheet, with supports for 3 classes
  • January 2005: Creation of the Mailing List
  • May 2005: The Community Forum opens
  • April 2006: The Multiclass Character Sheet is renamed The Only Sheet
  • March 2007: TOS+ version 1 is released
  • October 2008: The last version of The Only Sheet becomes TOS FREE
  • November 2008: TOS+ v2.0 is released
  • October 2009: TOS+ v3.0 is released, with support for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  • July 2011: TOS+ v3.6 is released, with support for Paizo's Advanced Player’s Guide
  • June 2012: TOS+ v3.667 is the first version to work only Excel 2007+
  • August 2012: TOS+ v3.700 allows users to 'skin' the worksheets, thus allowing for changes in background color, fonts etc.
  • October 2012: TOS+ v3.800 added ToolTips to show the source of bonuses, and has a new Core process that accelerates computations
  • November 2012: TOS+ v3.850 adds the content of the Ultimate Equipment book from Paizo
  • April 2013: TOS+ v4.0 adds both the Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic books from Paizo
  • November 2013: TOS+ v4.1 includes computing speed improvements for both computations and loading a character
  • December 2013: TOS+ v4.2 is unified into a single version that works on both Excel 32 bits and 64 bits
  • December 2013: TOS CORE is released
  • January 2014: TOS+ v5.0 adds compatibility with the Macintosh version of Excel (v14.1+)

TOS CORE[edit]

Based on TOS+ v5.0, TOS CORE is a free Character Sheet that features the content of the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™, and the SRD (OGL) (exception: the Divine rules). It is fully functional and one of the few free Character sheets that has both a full implementation of the stacking rules and dynamic play (i.e. can be used interactively during a gaming session - example video). TOS CORE can be acquired here or on the major RPG sites.


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