The Open Group

The Open Group is an industry consortium that seeks to "enable the achievement of business objectives" by developing "open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications". It has over 625 members and provides a number of services, including strategy, management and research, standards and test development, it was established in 1996. The Open Group is the certifying body for the UNIX trademark, publishes the Single UNIX Specification technical standard, which extends the POSIX standards; the Open Group develops and manages the TOGAF standard, an industry standard enterprise architecture framework. The over 625 members include a range of IT vendors and buyers as well as government agencies, for example, Fujitsu, Oracle, HPE, Orbus Software, IBM, Philips, U. S. Department of Defense, NASA. There is no obligation on product developers or vendors to adopt the standards developed by the association. By the early 1990s, the major UNIX system vendors had begun to realize that the standards rivalries were causing all participants more harm than good, leaving the UNIX industry open to emerging competition from Microsoft.

The COSE initiative in 1993 can be considered to be the first unification step and the merger of the Open Software Foundation and X/Open in 1996 as the ultimate step in the end of those skirmishes. OSF had merged with UNIX International in 1994, meaning that the new entity represented all elements of the Unix community of the time. In January 1997, the responsibility for the X Window System was transferred to The Open Group from the defunct X Consortium. In 1999, X. Org was formed to manage the X Window System, with management services provided by The Open Group; the X. Org members made a number of releases up to and including X11R6.8 while The Open Group provided management services. In 2004, X. Org and The Open Group worked together to establish the newly formed X. Org Foundation which took control of the domain name, the stewardship of the X Window System. The Open Group's best-known services are their certification programs, including certification for products and best practices: POSIX, North American State Lotteries Association and UNIX.

The Open Group offers certifications for IT professionals. In addition to TOGAF certification which covers tools and people certification, The Open Group administers the Open Group Certified Architect program and the Open Group Certified IT Specialist certification program; the Open Group offers certification for ArchiMate tools and people, as well as people certification for Open FAIR and IT4IT. The Open Group provides a platform for its members to discuss their requirements, work jointly on development and adoption of industry standards, to facilitate enterprise integration. Based on their area of interest, members can join one or more semi-autonomous forums, which include: ArchiMate Forum Architecture Forum Enterprise Management Exploration, Mining and Minerals Forum Healthcare Forum Identity Management Forum IT4IT Forum Jericho Forum - merged with Security Forum in 2014 Open Platform 3.0 Forum Real Time and Embedded Systems Forum Security Forum Trusted Technology Forum Universal Data Element Framework Forum - merged with Open Platform 3.0 in 2015.

The Open Group provides a range of services, from initial setup and ongoing operational support to collaboration and best practices development, assistance with market impact activities. They assist organizations with setting business objectives and procurement, provide certification and test development; this includes services to the government agencies and companies or organizations set up by governments. The ArchiMate Technical standard The ArchiMate Exchange File Format standard The Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard The Call Level Interface The Common Desktop Environment The Distributed Computing Environment The Distributed Relational Database Architecture The Future Airborne Capability Environment Technical standard The Motif GUI widget toolkit The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model The Open Information Security Maturity Model The Single UNIX Specification The Service-Oriented Architecture Source Book TOGAF The Application Response Measurement standard The Common Manageability Programming Interface standard The Universal Data Element Framework standard The XA Specification Joint Inter-Domain Management Official website


Taegoon is a Korean pop singer and dancer. His first television appearance was on the talent search program Battle Shinhwa in 2005, he was the last one to leave the group. Four years after completing hundreds of auditions he was able to start a career. Taegoon was born in the older of two children, he discovered an interest in performing when he was only a few years old. Taegoon attended an arts-oriented high school, he majored in Dance at Korea National University of Arts, but dropped out to pursue a career in singing. In an attempt to enter the music industry, Taegoon auditioned for the music competition Battle Shinhwa. Before taking part in the show, he shaved his head, stating in an interview that he wouldn't let his hair grow until he achieved his dream of becoming a singer. While participating in Battle Shinhwa, he developed a special relationship to Kang Won-Rae, one of the judges. After he failed to make it into Battle Shinhwa, he received a call from Kang Won-Rae who told him that he danced beautifully and that he wanted to get to know him.

Together they went to countless auditions. He did not have any further contact with Kang Won-Rae. Taegoon has had difficulties with his fitness weight. Most agencies told him he weighed too much, so he lost weight by drinking only water until he lost 20 pounds. Taegoon joined Logi Entertainment and made his debut in January 2009 after failing hundreds of auditions. With production from Sound Of Strike and Bang Si-hyuk, his first mini album was released, he performed for the first time on the January 17, 2009 episode of MBC Show! Music Core; the song was moderately successful, Taegoon received countless endorsement offers, rare for a new singer. He was signed as a model for EXR's Dressed to Kill clothing brand. While promoting the lead single "Call Me", he was criticized for his heavy use of backup vocals during live performances Because of the difficulties Taegoon was facing at this time, he ended promotions for the album and went back into training. Taegoon's senior in the industry Wheesung learned of the comments about Taegoon's singing skills and offered to help.

While training with Wheesung, Taegoon was required to sing Call Me over 1,000 times to improve his abilities. He had to control the amounts of sleep he got, his diet, the time he spent rehearsing and report back to Wheesung daily. After the time spent training, Taegoon began to record his next single; as a gift, Wheesung composed two songs for Taegoon. Shortly after his debut, Taegoon attracted international fans from Thailand and other countries. In March 2009, shortly before releasing his second mini album Rising Star, Taegoon held a showcase and fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand; because of his album sales in other countries, he started studying the Japanese and English languages. On May 13, 2009, Taegoon released his second mini album; the single chosen for promotion was 슈퍼스타. The single reached similar success to the previous, the criticism towards his singing abilities had died down. Before ending promotions for the album, a remix version of the song, which sampled "Holiday" by Madonna, was released and promoted for a short time.

In July 2009, Taegoon began his foray into Japan by holding his first fan meeting and mini concert in Tokyo which sold out, despite the fact that he had never released music or performed there before. Over the summer he continued his activities in both Japan and Korea while preparing for his next release. Shortly before the release of his third mini album, Taegoon held a special event for his Japanese fans and spent one night and two days with them at Mount Fuji in Japan, he released a special album in Japan, CALL ME / Rising Star, a compilation of his first two mini albums in a two disc set. After returning to Korea he released the third mini album and began promoting the single 속았다 on September 17, 2009. During the period of promotions for this single, Taegoon began activities outside of singing like appearing on variety shows and talk shows. After several months, activities for the album ended, he went back to Japan and held several special performances in Japan before holding his first official concert, TAEGOON White Love 2009.

The concert was sold out. Taegoon began preparing for his first full-length album. In April 2010 it was announced that Taegoon would begin his acting career by starring in the movie Piano Above the Sea. Bolded songs indicate single releases to help promote the EPs Call Me 슈퍼스타 슈퍼스타 속았다 Note: All singles above are official releases in order they were released; these singles were released to help promote an EP or an album. The singles are not released physically, but instead they are released as a digital single or airplay only single. Pony Canyon Korea Inc

Britannia University

Britannia University is a private university established in 2010 under the 2010 Private University Act. The university is located at Paduar Bazar, Bishwa Road, Bangladesh. On 16 November 2012 The university is granted for awarding degrees in various fields duly approved by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, the Ministry of Education and Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Britannia University's temporary campus is located at the Comilla town at Paduar Bazar, until permanent facilities are built. Within a short period of time it will be shifted to its permanent Campus as per Private University Act 2010. BSc. in Computer science and engineering BSc. in CSE Evening M. Sc in Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor of Business Administration Master of Business Administration MBA Master of Business Administration MBA Executive Master of Business Administration BA Hon's. in English MA in English MA in English LLB Hon's. LLM LL. M BSS Hon's. in Economics MSS in Applied Sociology MSS in Economics BU Computer Club BU Social Services Club BU Debating Club BU Games & Sports Club BU Arts & Cultural Club English Language Club BU Moral and Ethics Club BU Rangaan Club BU Business Club Britannia University Library service is open to all external users.

Anyone who lives and works in Bangladesh is welcome to make use of the library. For borrowing books, one has to fill up a membership form, available in the library, but you have to pay for library services. Borrowing Inter Library Loan Photocopy Service Newspapers Clipping Services Current Awareness Services Selective Dissemination of Information Library Wi-Fi List of Educational Institutions in Comilla Official website