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Judith Dupont

Judith Dupont is a French psychoanalyst and editor. Dupont was born in Budapest, her father Ladislas Dormandi was a publisher and writer, her mother was a painter. Dupont migrated to France with her family in 1938, she studied medicine in Paris, graduating in pathological anatomy in 1955. She is noted for translating and publishing the works of Sándor Ferenczi, helping to introduce his works to the French public. In 1969 she published the psycho-analytical journal Coq-Héron, one of the first to publish papers by Sándor Ferenczi and Michael Balint. Sigourney Award Au fil du temps... Un itinéraire analytique, CampagnePremière, 2015, ISBN 2372060139. Le manuel à l'usage des enfants qui ont des parents difficiles, préface de Françoise Dolto, Jean-Pierre Delarge, 1980, rééd. Le Seuil, Point virgule No. 17, 2006 ISBN 202089226X. Avec Michelle Moreau Ricaud, co-édition de trois numéros spéciaux sur Balint, The American Journal of Psychoanalysis, March 2002, vol.62, No. 1. Et 62, No. 4, September 2004, vol.

64, No. 3. Publier un tel livre n’est pas anodin... in D. Platier Zeitoun, J. Polard, Vieillir… Des psychanalystes parlent, Erès, 2009. Qu’est-ce que l’état de santé. Le point de vue de Michael Balint, Revue française de psychosomatique, No. 36 2009. L'éducatif dans Le Coq-Héron, No. 199, «Psychanalyse et éducation», Erès, 2009, en ligne. Pour une pédagogie psychanalytique, in François Marty et Florian Houssier, Éduquer l’adolescent? Nîmes, Champ social, 2007. L’humour dans la correspondance Freud/Ferenczi, in Stéphane Michaud, Correspondances de Freud, p. 59-68, Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2007. La notion de trauma selon Ferenczi et ses effets sur la recherche psychanalytique ultérieure, Filigrane, 2008. Repères sur la question du trauma: Freud, Abraham et Torok, in Jean Claude Rouchy, La psychanalyse avec Nicolas Abraham et Maria Torok, p. 77-79, coll. « Transition », Erès, 2001 ISBN 2-86586-915-6. Sándor Ferenczi Thalassa. Psychanalyse des origines de la vie sexuelle, présentée par Nicolas Abraham, traduction de Judith Dupont et Myriam Viliker, Paris: Payot, 2000.

Œuvres complètes I, 1908-1912. Psychanalyse I / Sandor Ferenczi, traduction de Judith Dupont avec la collaboration du Dr Philippe Garnier, préface de Michael Balint / Paris: Payot, 1968. Œuvres complètes II, 1913-1919. Psychanalyse 2, traduction de Judith Dupont et de Myriam Viliker, avec la collaboration du Dr Philippe Garnier, préface de Michael Balint / Paris: Payot, 1978. Œuvres complètes, III, 1919-1926. Psychanalyse 3, traduction de Judith Dupont et Myriam Viliker, Paris: Payot, 1982. Œuvres complètes IV, 1927-1933, traduit par l'équipe du Coq Héron, préface de Pierre Sabourin, introduction de Michael Balint, Paris: Payot, 1982. Journal clinique: janvier-octobre 1932, préface de Michael Balint, traduit par l'équipe de traduction du Coq Héron, avant-propos de Judith Dupont, postface de Pierre Sabourin, Paris: Payot, 2014. Transfert et introjection, traduit par Judith Dupont avec la collaboration de Philippe Garnier, préface de Simone Korff-Sausse, Paris: Éd. Payot & Rivages, 2013. Perspectives de la psychanalyse: sur l'indépendance de la théorie et de la pratique, avec Otto Rank, traduit de l'allemand par Michèle Pollak-Cornillot, Judith Dupont et Myriam Viliker / Paris: Payot, 1994.

Michael Balint Techniques psychothérapeutiques en médecine, avec Enid Balint, traduit de l'anglais par Judith Dupont et Jean-Paul Valabrega, Paris: Payot, 1966. Amour primaire et technique psychanalytique, traduit par J. Dupont, R. Gelly, S. Kadar, Paris: Payot, 1972. Les Voies de la régression, avec une étude de Enid Balint, traduit par Myriam Viliker et Judith Dupont, Paris: Payot, 1981. Le défaut fondamental: aspects thérapeutiques de la régression, traduit de l'anglais par Judith Dupont et Myriam Viliker, Paris: Payot, 2003. Correspondences Correspondance: 1921-1933. Sandor Ferenczi, Georg Groddeck, traduction de l'allemand, notes et commentaires par le Groupe de traduction du Coq-Héron, préface par Judith Dupont, Paris: Payot, 1982. La Correspondance Ernest Jones-Michael Balint, sous la responsabilité de Eva Brabant et Judith Dupont, Ramonville Saint-Agne: Erès, 2004. Correspondance: 1907-1926, Sigmund Freud, Otto Rank, présentation et annotations de Patrick Avrane, traduit de l'allemand par Suzanne Achache-Wiznitzer, Judith Dupont et al. / Paris: CampagnePremière, 2015.

Correspondance: Sigmund Freud, Sándor Ferenczi, 1: 1908-1914, 2: 1914-1919, 3: 1920-1933, dir. André Haynal et l'équipe du Coq-Héron, Calmann-Lévy

Little Texas (band)

Little Texas is an American country music band founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1988 by Tim Rushlow, Brady Seals, Del Gray, Porter Howell, Dwayne O'Brien, Duane Propes. Signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1991, Little Texas released its debut album First Time for Everything that year; the album's lead off single, "Some Guys Have All the Love", reached a peak of No. 8 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. Little Texas continued to produce hit singles throughout the mid-1990s, including the Number One single "My Love" and six more top ten hits, their debut album earned a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, while 1993's Big Time was certified double platinum and 1994's Kick a Little was certified platinum. Seals left the band in 1994, Jeff Huskins, who played fiddle, replaced him on keyboards. After a Greatest Hits package and a self-titled fourth studio album, the group disbanded in 1997. During the group's hiatus, Seals recorded three solo albums and one as the frontman of Hot Apple Pie, Rushlow recorded one solo album and one as the lead singer of Rushlow, Howell recorded one as a member of Hilljack.

In 2004, the four remaining original members — Gray, Howell, O'Brien, Propes, along with new lead vocalist Steven Troy — re-established the group, although Troy was omitted from the lineup and Howell assumed the role of lead vocalist. Under the four-piece lineup of Gray, Howell, O'Brien, Propes, the band has recorded two albums for Montage Music Group: The Very Best of Little Texas: Live and Loud and Missing Years. Little Texas was founded in 1988. Prior to the band's formation, Tim Rushlow and Dwayne O'Brien began playing together in Arlington, Texas, in 1984. Porter Howell and Duane Propes got together while they were in high school in 1983 and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. Brady Seals and Del Gray played in the backup band of country music recording artist Josh Logan. Rushlow, O'Brien and Howell first started making music at Opryland as a 1950s show band. With both Rushlow's first wife and Howell's wife, plus two other members, they took the show band on the road, naming their act "The Varsities".

When two of the members left to pursue other interests, they contacted their old friends Gray and Seals, whom they had met while playing in Springfield, Massachusetts, in hopes of forging a more country/Southern rock sound. All six members moved to Nashville, where they started playing together; the band played at venues across the United States catching the attention of Nashville's division of Warner Bros. Records. Warner Bros. signed Little Texas in 1989, two years the band released their debut single "Some Guys Have All the Love". This song, which reached No. 8 on the U. S. Billboard country singles charts, was the first of five singles from their debut album First Time for Everything. After the debut single came the album's title track at No. 13, "You and Forever and Me" at No. 5, "What Were You Thinkin'" at No. 17 and "I'd Rather Miss You" at No. 16. The album was certified gold by the RIAA for shipping 500,000 copies in the US. Little Texas' second album, Big Time, was issued in 1993, their most successful album, it was certified 2×Platinum by the RIAA and gold by the CRIA.

It produced a minor crossover hit in leadoff single "What Might Have Been", a No. 2 country hit that reached No. 74 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 16 on Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. After it came "God Blessed Texas" and their only number 1 hit on Billboard, "My Love", both of which were minor Hot 100 entries; the latter featured Seals on lead vocals. Finishing off Big Time was the No. 14 "Stop on a Dime". In late 1993, the band contributed a cover of the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to the multi-artist compilation album Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles; the rendition featured O'Brien on lead vocals, with Denny Dadmun-Bixby of Great Plains on bass guitar and no involvement from Seals. The rendition peaked at number 73 on the country charts. Kick a Little, the band's third album, was certified platinum by the RIAA. Leading off this album was its No. 5 title track, followed by the No. 4 "Amy's Back in Austin" and No. 27 "Southern Grace". After the album's release, Seals left for a solo career on Reprise Records, was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Huskins, a former backing musician for Clint Black, for their tour to promote the album.

Huskins made his first appearance on "Life Goes On" and "Country Crazy", two new tracks that the band recorded for their 1995 Greatest Hits. Both of these songs were released as singles; the former became their final Top 40 hit with a peak of No. 5, while "Country Crazy" stopped at No. 44. In 1995, the band sang on the track "Party All Night", a musical track which featured snippets from a Jeff Foxworthy sketch and a sung chorus by the band; this song reached No. 53, appeared on Foxworthy's 1996 album Crank It Up: The Music Album. Little Texas' fourth album was self-titled. Lead-off single "Bad for Us" peaked at No. 45, followed by their two lowest-charting singles, "Your Mama Won't Let Me" and "The Call" at No. 64 and No. 71 respectively. The band charted that year with a cover of "Kiss the Girl", a song from the Disney film The Little Mermaid which they recorded on The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney. Seals charted his only Top 40 solo hit that year, the No. 32 "Another You, Another Me".

Seals would record a total of three albums between and 2003. After Little Texas, the band broke up. During the band's hiatus, De


Hazira is a suburb and a transshipment port in the Surat district in the Gujarat state of India. It is the west most end of Surat. Hazira is one of the major ports of India and the most important element of Surat Metropolitan Region; the town is known as the industrial hub of India and is located on the bank of the Tapti River, eight kilometers away from the Arabian Sea. It is a centre for health tourism due to its natural springs, a base for major industrial and shipping facilities like Essar, Shell, Larsen & Toubro, NTPC, ONGC, GAIL, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, UltraTech Cement and Reliance Industries; the original name of the village was Dhau. The village had a grave of British Officer named Wock; the grave in Gujarati is called as "Hajiro". The name became. Hazira takes 60-75 minutes from Surat to Hazira. One can avail Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation's bus service from Adajan GSRTC Depot to reach Hazira. Hazira Port is multi-cargo port; the LNG terminal is operational and it is India's largest, with a storage and export capacity of 2.5 million tonnes.

It is a joint venture between Shell Oil and Total S. A. Storage and export capacity is intended to be increased to 3.8 million tonnes by the end of 2009. A container terminal capable of handling one million TEU is under construction by Singapore company PSA Corporation. L&T shipyard started production of small ships and naval crafts in 2010. List of tourist attractions in Surat

Don Donaghy

Don Donaghy was a member of the New York school of photography. Donaghy studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art after which he pursued street photography in Philadelphia and New York City using a Leica 35mm camera, his first exhibition Two Young Philadelphians: Don Donaghy & George Krause, was held in 1962. Donaghy's first published work was a re-creation of this exhibition in the Fall 1962 issue of Contemporary Photographer, titled same as the show; the landmark exhibition and publication The New York School, Photographs 1936-63, by Jane Livingston, includes a selection of Donaghy's photographs. Donaghy is featured in "The Last Photographic Heroes: American Photographers of the Sixties and Seventies", by Gilles Mora. In addition to photography, Donaghy worked as a cameraman. While living in Boulder, CO, he was a construction foreman, he died on July 23, 2008. The New York School, Photographs 1936-63. ISBN 978-1-55670-239-6. By Jane Livingston; the Last Photographic Heroes: American Photographers of the Sixties and Seventies.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9374-7. By Gilles Mora. Three Photographers: Nicholas Dean, Bill Hanson, Don Donaghy Photography 63/An International Exhibition Six Photographers I Photographs Do Not Bend Past Show Listing Gallery Sink, Previous Exhibitions Hemphill Fine Arts Exhibition Archive Yancey Richardson Gallery > Past Exhibitions > 2006 Chance Encounters: Photographs from the Collection of Norman Carr and Carolyn Kinder Carr Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940–1959, Milwaukee Art Museum, 2010 Donaghy's work is held in the following permanent collections: Corcoran Gallery of Art Museum of Modern Art George Eastman House New York Public Library Hallmark Photographic Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Smithsonian American Art Museum Official website

Now 02 (Australian series)

Now 02 is a compilation CD released by EMI Music Australia and Warner Music Australia in 2002. The album is the #12 compilation of 2003; the album has been referred to as'The Rumba! Edition' to coincide with the Australian music festival of the same name. Two songs are featured as part of the Rumba! festival, a cover of "Good Times" by Chic performed by various performers of the Rumba! Festival and a bonus live track from the Rumba! Festival of the previous year. Atomic Kitten – "The Tide Is High" Disco Montego featuring Selwyn, Katie Underwood, Peta Morris and Jeremy Gregory – "Good Times" Kylie Minogue – "Love at First Sight" Liberty X – "Just a Little" Jennifer Love Hewitt – "BareNaked" Novaspace – "Time After Time" Craig David – "What's Your Flava?" Nick Carter – "Help Me" Sophie Monk – "Inside Outside" Beenie Man featuring Janet Jackson – "Feel It Boy" Britney Spears – "Boys" Kasey Chambers – "If I Were You" Dannii Minogue – "Put the Needle on It" Taxiride – "How I Got This Way" Danielle – "Tell Me If You Like It" Blue – "One Love" N.

E. R. D – "Rock Star" Disco Montego featuring Katie Underwood – "Magic" Bec Cartwright – "All Seats Taken" Craig David – "7 Days" NOW @