The Politicians

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The Politicians
OriginTokoroa, New Zealand
GenresRock, new wave, reggae
Years active1981–199?
Associated actsThe Narcs, The Bronx, The Break,Step Chant unit, Night Attack, The Panelbeaters, The Wetbacks, Made in Britain, Touch of class,Paris,Young Lust,The Echoes,The Kiwi bandits,The Tim Armstrong band, Knightshade,Fury.
Past membersTim Armstrong
Wa Kupa
Doug Pepperell
Paul van Wering
Campbell Hapi
Paul Alderton
Ian Jeffries
Adrian Ellis
Donna Armstrong
Jeff Downey

The Politicians were a rock/new wave/reggae band formed in Tokoroa, New Zealand in March 1981. Originally writing and performing their own songs with such titles as Shift worker,Teacher Teacher, Can't write a love song, Arabian girl, 5 Years time... Two of their singles were played on various NZ television shows, including Shazam and Radio with Pictures, they toured New Zealand for 5 years playing the hotel circuit. When Tim Armstrong left the band in May 1986 he went on to form The Kiwi Bandits, and The Tim Armstrong band. Which played at Zaks nitepub in Hamilton New Zealand; the Politicians continued for almost another 10 years playing resident at Shakes niteclub in Hamilton now known as the Altitude. After their resident gig finished they carried on as a working band and recorded a highly polished album entitled Test Pattern.

Wa Kupa lives in Wairoa and Doug Pepperell is now in Perth, Australia. Paul Alderton is still performing with the swampdogs. Campbell Hapi is performing in China. Paul VanWering is teaching music and Guitar in Hamilton. Ian Jefferies has moved to Perth Australia, while Jeff Downey owns his own company, Downey Construction. Adrian Ellis continues his Music career and is living in the Tauranga area. Paul Krippner has his own sound company. Warren Williams is still playing music in Sydney and has his own finance broking business. Tim Armstrong's band is still performing and has released several albums and singles, he has also released songs with Howie Casey, a well known saxophone player from England. The singles Photograph and Christmas Day were released in 1986. Grantham street/Elenore (single) was released in 1993.Tim recorded three albums in the nineties. Relationships 1992/ Breaking hearts 1993 and Wondering why which was released on Hark records in 1995; also a cover version of the Beatles song Here comes the sun came out as a single in 1994. Tim Armstrongs latest album's just released Listen to your Heart(2007) Old kid on the block (2009) 2010 (2010) 2015 saw the release of a 80s compilation album called Hamiltune, two Politicians songs were featured on this.

Band members[edit]

  • Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals)
  • Wa Kupa (bass)(1981–1984)
  • Doug Pepperell (drums)(1981–1982)
  • Paul Van Wering (guitar/keyboard)(1983-1990s)
  • Campbell Hapi (bass) (1984–1986)
  • Geoff Downey (drums) (1985-1990s)
  • Paul Alderton (drums) (1982–1985)
  • Donna Armstrong (keyboards) (1984–1986)
  • Adrian Ellis(Bass) (1986–1990)
  • Lance Healey(Bass) (1990)
  • Paul Krippner (sound) (1985-1990s)
  • Simon Elton (Bass) (1990s)
  • Laurence Arps (guitar) (1990s)
  • Corilin Steel (vocals) (1990s)
  • Kevin Smith (Drums)(1990s)
  • Liam Ryan (keyboards) various times
  • Ian Jeffries (guitar) (1986–1990)[1]
  • Warren Williams (Bass) (1986–1988)
  • Kevin Popperwell (Lighting) (1983–1985)
  • Derek McGrath (sound) (1981–1982)
  • Howard Bright (lighting) (1982–1983)
  • Steve Parker(Lighting) (1981)

Tim Armstrong band (1997 – present)

  • Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals)
  • Don McClumpha([Backing vocals/bass guitar])
  • Nigel Sanderson (joined 2008) ([Backing vocals/drums])


Year Single Album NZ Singles Chart Certification
1984 Down In Baghdad/Looking for you - -
1985 Energy/Polar bear - -

Album Test Pattern released 1993


  1. ^ Jeffries was originally from the band known as The Bronx