The Politics of Dancing (Re-Flex album)

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The Politics of Dancing
Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing cov1983.jpg
Studio album by Re-Flex
Released November 1983
Recorded Late 1982
Genre New wave, synthpop
Length 45:31
Label EMI, Capitol Records
Producer John Punter
Re-Flex chronology
The Politics Of Dancing
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Singles from The Politics of Dancing
  1. "The Politics of Dancing"
    Released: 1983
  2. "Hitline"
    Released: 1983
  3. "Hurt"
    Released: 1983
  4. "Praying to the Beat"
    Released: 1983 (US) / 1984 (EU)
  5. "Couldn't Stand a Day"
    Released: 1984 (UK)
  6. "Sensitive"
    Released: 1984 (Germany Only)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[1]

The Politics of Dancing is the debut album by British band Re-Flex, recorded in late 1982 and released in 1983 through EMI,[2] and was, until September 2010, their only officially released studio album.

The album itself received moderate success, charting at #34 in New Zealand, #53 in the United States, and #58 in West Germany, but the title track was a big international success and became the band's signature song, causing some to label them a one-hit wonder. Five other singles were released from the album with minor success in the US and UK: "Hurt", "Couldn't Stand a Day", "Hitline", "Praying to the Beat", and "Sensitive".

The album has been out of print for some time, only being reissued once on CD in 1993 through One Way Records. Jambo Music Ltd., a division of JHP, who publish and administer Re-Flex's catalogue of songs, have re-released it as part of the 6-CD box set which also contains the previously unreleased Humanication album and other previously unavailable tracks recorded before and after the band's relationship with EMI.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Praying to the Beat" (Baxter, Craig, Fishman, Kerridge) – 3:39
  2. "Hitline" (Fishman) – 3:39
  3. "Hurt" (Fishman) – 5:08
  4. "Couldn't Stand a Day" (Baxter, Fishman) – 4:10
  5. "The Politics of Dancing" (Fishman) – 6:36
  6. "Something About You" (Fishman) – 3:39
  7. "Pointless" (Fishman) – 3:50
  8. "Jungle" (Baxter, Fishman, Kerridge, Ross-Scott) – 5:25
  9. "Sensitive" (Baxter, Fishman) – 3:28
  10. "Keep in Touch" (Fishman) – 5:57




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