The Poozies

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The Poozies
GenresTraditional, folk
Years active1990–present
LabelsHypertension, Compass, Greentrax
Associated actsSìleas
Past members

The Poozies are a British all-female traditional folk band formed in 1990. They were at the forefront of a wave that revolutionised traditional Scottish and Gaelic music in the 1990s. Throughout the years they have toured worldwide, attracting recognition and appreciation for their eclectic choice of material, unusual and exciting arrangements, and notable vocal harmonies.


The Poozies formed in 1990. Mary Macmaster (harp) and Patsy Seddon (harp) were performing together as the duo Sileas and worked with Sally Barker (guitar and vocals) on her solo album.[1] Together they decided that an all-women folk group was a good idea, and when Barker met Karen Tweed in Hong Kong she agreed to join the group. Fiddler Jenny Gardener was the fifth member but left before the band recorded their first album (on which she appears as a guest on the track "Foggy Mountain Top").[1]

After the release of Dansoozies (1993) and Chantoozies (1995), Barker left the group in 1996 to start a family. Kate Rusby joined the band as lead vocalist, and this lineup released one EP, Come Raise Your Head (1997), and a full-length album, Infinite Blue (1998). However, as Rusby's solo career took off, she was replaced by Eilidh Shaw, an accomplished fiddler.[2]

In 2000 the band released Raise Your Head: A Retrospective to celebrate ten years of The Poozies, and in 2003 released Changed Days Same Roots. A quieter period followed; Patsy Seddon's husband, folk singer Davy Steele, fell ill with a terminal brain tumour and Eilidh Shaw started a family. In 2006 Barker rejoined the group to make it a five-piece again, and they toured with this lineup until December 2007. Tweed left the band in December 2007,[3] and was replaced by Mairearad Green from the band the Unusual Suspects. Patsy Seddon left in April 2012; the band continue to tour as four-piece,[4] releasing one album in 2015: Into the Well.

In 2016 Barker left to pursue a solo career on the back of her success in reality TV show The Voice. Green also left at this time. The band took a short break and re-emerged with two new members: Sarah McFadyen and Tia Files.


  • Dansoozies (Hypertension, 1993)
  • Chantoozies (Hypertension, 1995)
  • Come Raise Your Head (no label, self release, 1997)
  • Infinite Blue (Compass, 1998)
  • Changed Days Same Roots (Compass, 2003)
  • Yellow Like Sunshine (Greentrax, 2009)
  • Into the Well (Schmooz, 2015)


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