The Proscribed Royalist, 1651

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The Proscribed Royalist, 1651
Millais Royalist.jpg
Artist John Everett Millais
Year 1853
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 102.8 cm × 73.6 cm (40.5 in × 29.0 in)
Location Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery[1]

The Proscribed Royalist, 1651 (1853) is a painting by John Everett Millais which depicts a young Puritan woman protecting a fleeing Royalist after the Battle of Worcester in 1651,[citation needed] the decisive defeat of Charles II by Oliver Cromwell. The Royalist is hiding in a hollow tree, a reference to a famous incident in which Charles himself hid in a tree to escape from his pursuers.[citation needed] Millais was also influenced by Vincenzo Bellini's opera I Puritani.

Millais painted the picture in Hayes, Kent, from a local oak tree that became known as the Millais Oak.[2]


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