The Revenge of Shinobi (2002 video game)

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The Revenge of Shinobi
Cover art
The Revenge of Shinobi cover art
Developer(s)3d6 Games
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
  • NA: November 19, 2002
  • PAL: May 23, 2003
Genre(s)Action, platform, hack and slash

The Revenge of Shinobi is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, developed by 3d6 Games and published by THQ. It was released on November 19, 2002. The Revenge of Shinobi is not to be confused with the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game The Revenge of Shinobi.

Although both games are related in title and follow the exploits of a ninja character, the Game Boy Advance game is no continuation or port of the Mega Drive/Genesis game of the same name.


Shinobi engages in mixed-weapon combat with an enemy in a Japan-inspired cemetery setting.

The Revenge of Shinobi's gameplay is that of a typical side-scroller. The player controls Shinobi, a ninja who is on a quest to stop a warlord named Ashira-o.[1] Shinobi's main weapon is a katana, and he can also attack with shurikens, he later gains the abilities to double-jump and use dark magic and stealth moves. Most of the game's enemies are samurai and other ninja. There are five bosses throughout the game who control the other enemies.[2]


Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllGame3/5 stars[5]
Game Informer6/10[6]
GamePro2.5/5 stars[7]
GameSpy1/5 stars[1]
Nintendo Power3.1/5[9]
Nintendo World Report7/10[10]
X-Play2/5 stars[11]

The Revenge of Shinobi received mixed to negative reviews from critics. GameRankings gave it a score of 48.04%,[3] while Metacritic gave it 51 out of 100.[4] GameSpot writer Frank Provo focused on the monotonous, unchallenging nature of the gameplay, he also noted that although Shinobi has many abilities at his arsenal, there is not much need to use them.[2] GameSpy's Benjamin Turner echoed these points, also criticizing the password system and artificial intelligence.[1] Minimal praise focused on the audio and graphics.[2][5]


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