The Ripper Legacy

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The Ripper Legacy
Author David Stuart Davies
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Mystery
Published 19 July 2016 (Titan Books)
Media type Novel
Pages 224
ISBN 9781783296590 (first edition)

The Ripper Legacy is a mystery pastiche novel written by David Stuart Davies, featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in a story with ties to Jack the Ripper.

Titan Books published the book in 2016, as part of its Further Adventures series, which collects a number of noted Holmesian pastiches.


A child has been abducted, yet there's no ransom note. When Holmes and Watson take up the case, they find a sinister connection to the heights of Victorian society. But just what is the missing child’s connection with the infamous killings in Whitechapel?

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