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The Romulans is a rock band started in 1982 in Pleasant Hill, California consisting of Band members James White, Billy Schaub and Mike Biland. The 1982 instrumentation consisted of James White Bass / Vocals, Jim Fehilly Guitar / Vocals and Dave Haglund Drums, they played many famous punk venues of the era including the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. In 1987 the line-up changed to James White Vocals / Guitar, Billy Schaub Bass Guitar and Mike Biland Drums, the current line-up.

According to James White, the name 'The Romulans' was derived from a combination of the name Romulus and the word Roman.[1]


'The Romulans' is a registered Trademark of James E. White registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 1,510,444. In 1988 James White prevailed over Paramount Pictures Corporation in a four-year legal battle in the United States Trademark office due to the band having the same name as the Romulans from Star Trek.[1]


  • James E. White
  • Billy Schaub
  • Dave Hagland
  • Jim Fehilly
  • Mike Biland


  • WE GOT POWER: PARTY OR GO HOME LP 1983 Mystic Records Cat. #: MLP 33125,
  • Barricaded Suspects 1983 Toxic Shock Records TX-LP-01 1983,
  • We got Party We got Power #3 - released in 1987 Mystic Records Cat. #. mlp 33145,
  • The Romulans Live at the Berkeley Square - 1992 RockAholiC Records,
  • 2001: All Rise Above CD 2001 RockAholiC Records,
  • Barricaded Suspects CD 2002 Dr. Strange records,
  • The Dawning of a New Cage (2009 from RockAholiC Records)

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