The Seven Deadly Sins (1952 film)

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The Seven Deadly Sins
Les Sept peches capitaux poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Written by Jean Aurenche
Pierre Bost
Starring Michèle Morgan
Françoise Rosay
Music by Yves Baudrier
René Cloërec
Cinematography André Bac
Roger Hubert
Robert Lefebvre
Jacques Natteau
Giovanni Pucci
Enzo Serafin
André Thomas
Distributed by Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont
Arlan Productions (USA)
Release date
Running time
148 minutes
Country France / Italy
Language French

The Seven Deadly Sins (French: Les Sept péchés capitaux) is a 1952 French/Italian co-production motion picture drama. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Françoise Rosay, Viviane Romance, Maurice Ronet, Louis de Funès, Isa Miranda, Henri Vidal and Gérard Philipe. It has seven separate sections: ("Pride/L'Orgueil", "Lust/La Luxure", "Sloth/La Paresse", "Envy/L'Envie", "Avarice and Anger/L'Avarice et la colère", "Gluttony/La Gourmandise", "The Eighth Sin/Le Huitième péché") with five episodes from France, and two episodes from Italy.



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