The Shadows (Nepalese band)

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The Shadows 'Nepal'
Origin Chitwan, Nepal
Genres Blues rock, rock and roll, hard rock
Years active 1997 — present
Members Swapnil Sharma (Vocals)

Prakash Rasaily ( Guitars )

Amit Pradhan (Bass Guitar)

Sahil Risal (Drums)
Past members Bikash Manandhar ( drums ), Prashant VK - Babu ( Rhythm Guitar ) , Basanta Shrestha (Vocals)

The Shadows Nepal is a rock band from Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal. They were established in 1997 and their first album was titled “Suna Hamro Sano Awaaz”.

Their second album, “Hidne Manche Ladcha”, was a success in the Nepali market and earned them the best band, best music and best performance of the year 2006.[1] The band is mostly popular for its influential lyrics that discusses social issues and awareness. They traveled to three different cities of Australia as a part of their international tour in 2011.[2]

The band’s current line up : Swapnil Sharma in Vocals,Prakash Rasaily on Guitars ,Sujan Manandhar ( Guitars ), Sahil Risal ( drums ) and Amit Pradhan on Bass. Rupesh Sen worked with the band for pretty long time as a band manager.[3]

Song Durations
Naya Nepal 4 minutes
Buddha Nepal Ko 6 minutes
Prakriti 6 minutes
Kun ho Hamro Dharma 5 minutes
Swarga ma thau chaina 4 minutes
Hidne manche ladcha 4 minutes
Ma 4 minutes
Suna Hamro Sano Awaz 5 minutes
Bhatkeko Kotha 4 minutes
Paap 4 minutes
Naari 4 minutes
Aath Din 4 minutes
Dharti Mathi ko bojh 4 minutes

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