The Shepherd and the Women

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Al-Ra'i wal Nisaa / The Shepherd and the Women / لراعي والنساء
Directed by Aly Badrakhan
Starring Ahmed Zaki
Soad Hosni
Release date
1991 (1991)
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

"Al-Ra'i wal Nisaa", (meaning in English: The Shepherd and the Women), (Arabic: الراعي والنساء‎) is a 1991 Egyptian drama/romance movie, starring Soad Hosni, Yousra and Ahmed Zaki.


The story of three women living alone in the desert, but a day they are visited by a young handsome man.[citation needed]




  • " Shepherd and the women", ( "Al-Rai' wal-Nisaa" in 1991),