The Siege of Asola

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The Siege of Asola
Tintoretto Battle of Asola.jpg
Artist Tintoretto
Year 1544-1545
Medium Oil on canvas
Location National Museum, Poznań

The Siege of Asola is a painting by the Italian late Renaissance master Tintoretto, executed in 1544-1545. It is in a private collection.[1]

The canvas portrays two scenes. From the left to the middle is, in the foreground, a clash of knights occurred during the siege of the Venetian town of Asola by the troops of the Austrian emperor Maximilian I in 1516. Among the clashing soldiers is the banner of Asola, the fortress itself being shown in the background.

On the right is depicted to homage of the citizens of Asola to the Venetian provveditore (curator) Francesco Contarini, the nobleman who organized the city's defence and forced Maximilian's troop to withdraw.


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