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The Star Sisters were a female Dance/Pop trio from The Netherlands that were very popular during the 1980s, most notably as the ladies who performed the chorus as members of Jaap Eggermont's studio act Stars on 45 and in a spinoff in which they performed as The Andrews Sisters in a medley that charted internationally in 1984.

The members were Sylvana van Veen (born 1950), Patricia Paay (born April 7, 1949) and Yvonne Keeley (born September 6, 1952). Paay and Keeley are sisters in real life. In 1984, they performed a song (during the film's end credits) on the Japanese film The Return of Godzilla.

Between 1983 and 1987 the group released only six hits in Europe, including their best known hits "Are You Ready For My Love" in 1986 and "He's The 1 (I Love)" in 1985.

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