The Three Witch Maidens

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The Three Witch Maidens
Author Ruth Manning-Sanders
Illustrator William Geldart
Cover artist Ken Laidlaw
Country Great Britain
Language English
Genre Fairy tales
Publisher The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 174 pp
ISBN 0-600-38755-0
OCLC 59232103

The Three Witch Maidens was originally published in the United Kingdom in 1972, by Methuen & Co. Ltd.. This entry, however, refers to the 1977 paperback version published by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd. under its Beaver Books imprint.

The book is an anthology of 15 fairy tales from around the world that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning-Sanders. It is one in a long series of such anthologies by Manning-Sanders.

The back cover states: "Magical characters and strange devices — a Swedish genie, a young African girl for whom the sun means disaster, an apple which rolls across a silver dish to reveal the whole world — wait to be discovered in this collection of folk and fairy tales from many lands. For readers of all ages."

Table of contents[edit]

  • 1. The Three Witch Maidens (Transylvania)
  • 2. The Good Oum-Aly (Valley of the Nile)
  • 3. The Cow (Pomerania)
  • 4. Lassy my Boy! (Sweden)
  • 5. Walker by Moonlight (Africa)
  • 6. The Giants in the Valley (Bohemia)
  • 7. A Game of Cards with the King of Demons (India)
  • 8. The Tailor, the Devil, and the Frogs (Czechoslovakia)
  • 9. The Nine Ravens (Hungarian Gypsy)
  • 10. The Silver Dish (Russia)
  • 11. Tawhaki (New Zealand)
  • 12. The Sneezing Ring (Greece)
  • 13. The King of the Vultures (South America)
  • 14. The Eighteen Soldiers (Hartz Mountains)
  • 15. The Goat in Bed (Sicily)