The Thurston Lava Tube

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The Thurston Lava Tube is a psychedelic, experimental surf instrumental band from Leicester, England.

The band formed in 2001 with members Alan Jenkins (formerly of The Deep Freeze Mice and The Chrysanthemums) - guitar, Blodwyn P. Teabag - combo organ, Johnny Pacino - bass and Mat Bartram - drums. Marshall Cavendish replaced Johnny Pacino on bass in 2003.



  • Me Ka Nahuku (Cordelia, 2002) (surf instrumental versions of Beatles tunes)
  • Move Over Rover, Let Clover Take Over (Cordelia, 2003)
  • The Pink Elephant with Nipples for Tusks (Cordelia, 2005)
  • The Thoughtful Sounds of Bat Smuggling (Cordelia/Sorted, 2006)
  • The Year of the Dog (Cordelia, 2009)
  • The Poodle Collector (Cordelia, 2014)


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