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The Underground is the official student publication of the University of Toronto Scarborough. It began distributions in 1982[1] as a newspaper and in 2009, transitioned into magazine format. Servicing about 12 500 students, the issues are distributed monthly over the course of the academic school year producing a total of eight issues per volume.

The Underground is published and governed by the Scarborough Campus Student Press (SCSP). The SCSP is a non-profit corporation independent of the Scarborough Campus Student Union (SCSU) and is funded[2] in part by a direct levy to UTSC students, received through the Department of Student Life, and revenue collected through advertising sales.


Balcony Square, was formed in 1969. Following an editorial that critiqued candidates for the upcoming Scarborough Campus Student Council (now Scarborough Campus Student Union) elections, the SCSC, in a closed meeting, made a decision to stop funding the Balcony Square. On March 9, 1982, The Underground was born – in a basement – published with the assistance of other student publications, students and the Canadian University Press.


The Underground's masthead is divided into four sections: Section Editors, Creative, Online and Operational. is divided into six sections: Arts & Life, News, Science & Tech, Opinion, Feature and Sports & Wellness. Outside of the Opinion section, headed by the editor-in-chief, and the Feature section, penned by the assigned section editor, each section has its own editor that manages a team of contributors as well as the section's content.

Operational Staff[edit]

Operation Officer: Lina Shim

Finance Officer: Tina Chen

Advertising Manager: Agrin Partovyan

Distribution Manager: Matthew Diaz

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