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The Universe
The Daily Universe logo.png
Founded 1956
Headquarters 770 E University Pkwy, Provo, Utah 84604
Website The Digital Universe

The Universe (formerly The Daily Universe) is the official student newspaper for Brigham Young University (BYU) and was started in 1956.[1] It was first titled White and Blue (1898-1921), then later became the Y News (1921-1948) then the Brigham Young Universe (1948-1956) and finally to The Daily Universe. The Universe is part of a larger news organization called BYU NewsNet, which was the first integrated (Web, radio, newspaper, and television) news organization in the world.[citation needed]

The paper was printed Monday through Friday, except during school breaks and some holidays. It was distributed free of charge on BYU campus and is sent around the world to alumni and friends of the university for a small fee. On January 12, 2012, the BYU Communications Department announced the newspaper's move to digital. Beginning in 2012, content continued to be published online daily while the print newspaper began being published only once a week.[1] Other articles can be found on the website of The Daily Universe.[2]

The editors, writers, photographers and copy editors are all students, some paid, some reporting for a journalism class. The opinion pieces in the paper are overseen by an editorial board that includes student staff, professional staff, university professors and local professionals.

One of the paper's most popular features is the letter to the editor section, which routinely becomes a forum for campus issues or ideas. Some issues are argued back and forth for weeks. Topics include parking on campus, Right v. Left politics, dating, the wearing of socks with sandals, and various mistakes stemming from the student editors' collective inexperience.


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