The Wombats (EP)

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The Wombats
Wombats EP Cover.jpg
EP by The Wombats
Released 21 April 2008
Genre Indie Pop
Length 20:06
Language English
Label KIDS in America
Bright Antenna (US)
The Wombats EPs chronology
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The Wombats
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The Wombats is a self-titled EP by The Wombats, released April 8, 2008.[1] Distributed by KIDS in America and Bright Antenna.[2] The EP was the first release by the band in the United States.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Backfire at the Disco - 3:17
  2. Kill the Director - 2:46
  3. Moving to New York - 3:33
  4. Little Miss Pipedream - 4:05
  5. Lost in the Post - 3:12
  6. Kill the Director [CSS Remix] - 3:13