The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg

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The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg
Video by Depeche Mode
Released 1985
Recorded 14 December 1984
Venue Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg
Genre Synthpop, industrial, alternative dance, new wave
Length 75 minutes: 57 seconds
Label Virgin Records
Director Clive Richardson
Producer Mellisa Stokes
Depeche Mode chronology
The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg
Some Great Videos
(1985)Some Great Videos1985

The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg is the first video release by Depeche Mode, featuring almost an entire concert from their 1984 Some Great Reward Tour, at the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle in Hamburg, Germany on 14 December 1984.[1] It was directed by Clive Richardson. The name is a play on a lyric of the song "Somebody" (She will listen to me, when I want to speak about the world we live in and life in general...).

The number of songs on the video depends on the region. Some have eleven, some have seventeen. The seventeen-song version was re-released in 1999, though still on VHS, in Europe only and in Japan on other formats. It has yet to be released on DVD. The United States only has the 11-song version.

Two songs that were performed during the Hamburg concert, "Puppets" and "Ice Machine" (both written by ex member Vince Clarke) have yet to appear on any format. It is unclear why these were omitted from the original release.

Track list[edit]

UK Official Releases

  • VVD063 (Virgin VHS video) – 1985 (the original release)
  • VVD063 (Virgin BETAMAX video) – 1985
  • MF021 (Mute Film VHS video) – 1999 (reissue)

Japan Official Releases

  • SM068-3005 (Virgin Laser Disc video) – 1985
  • VBM-81 (Virgin BETAMAX video) – 1985

All tracks appear on all UK and Japanese releases.

  1. "Something to Do"
  2. "Two Minute Warning"
  3. "If You Want"
  4. "People Are People"
  5. "Leave in Silence"
  6. "New Life"
  7. "Shame"
  8. "Somebody"
  9. "Lie to Me"
  10. "Blasphemous Rumours"
  11. "Told You So"
  12. "Master and Servant"
  13. "Photographic"
  14. "Everything Counts"
  15. "See You"
  16. "Shout!"
  17. "Just Can't Get Enough"

USA Official Releases

  • 38107-3 (Sire VHS video)
  • 38107-6 (Sire Laser Disc video)
  1. "Something to Do"
  2. "If You Want"
  3. "People Are People"
  4. "Somebody"
  5. "Lie to Me"
  6. "Blasphemous Rumours"
  7. "Told You So"
  8. "Master and Servant"
  9. "Photographic"
  10. "Everything Counts"
  11. "Just Can't Get Enough"
  • "Photographic" was later included on the music video compilation Some Great Videos.
  • All songs are written by Martin Gore except "Two Minute Warning" and "If You Want" which were written by Alan Wilder. "New Life", "Photographic", "Shout!", and "Just Can't Get Enough" were written by Vince Clarke.


  • Dave Gahan – lead vocals
  • Martin Gore – keyboards, melodica, recorder, percussion pad, metal pipes, lead and backing vocals
  • Alan Wilder – keyboards, piano, percussion pad, corrugated iron, backing vocals
  • Andy Fletcher – keyboards, percussion pad, bikewheel, backing vocals


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