Theodorias (province)

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Provincia Theodorias
επαρχία Θεοδωριάδος
Province of the Byzantine Empire


528–7th Century
Capital Laodicea
Historical era Antiquity
 •  Established by emperor Justinian I 528
 •  Muslim conquest of Syria 7th Century
Today part of  Syria

Theodorias (Greek: Θεοδωριάς) was a Byzantine province created in 528 by Emperor Justinian I and named in honour of his wife, the Empress Theodora.[1]


It comprised a small coastal territory taken from the earlier provinces of Syria Prima and Syria Secunda; the new province remained part of the Diocese of the East. Its capital was Laodicea (in Syria; now Latakia), and it also included the cities of Paltus (Arab al-Mulk), Balaneae and Gabala. Ecclesiastically, these cities retained their former allegiances to the metropolitan bishops of Syria Prima and Secunda:[1] Antioch and Apamea in Syria.

The province survived until the Muslim conquest of Syria in the 630s.


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