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Theron (/ˈθɪərɒn/ THEER-on, /θəˈrn/) is a surname of Occitan origin (from place-names Théron, Thérond [terɔ̃] variant form of *Thoron — same as Le Thor (Vaucluse, Torum 1029) — from PIE *tur- or Latin torus "height"), and a given name in English. It may refer to:

Given name[edit]

  • Theron of Acragas (died 473 BC), 5th century BC tyrant of Acragas, Sicily
  • Theron Akin (1855–1933), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Theron Ephron Catlin (1878–1960), U.S. Representative from Missouri
  • Theron Feemster, American record producer, songwriter, musician, and singer
  • Theron Hale (1883–1954), American old-time fiddle and banjo player
  • Theron Metcalf (1784–1875), New England jurist and judge
  • Theron Randolph, MD (1906–1995), founder of the holistic field of environmental illness and medicine known as clinical ecology
  • Theron Read (died 2009), American film actor
  • Theron Moses Rice (1829–1895), U.S. Representative from Missouri
  • Theron Sapp (born 1935), former American football running back
  • Theron Smith (born 1963), American cartoonist and designer.
  • Theron Smith (born 1980), American professional basketball player
  • Theron Strinden (1919–2011), American politician and businessman


Other uses[edit]