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Thomas Heftyes gate is a street in Oslo, Norway, that runs from Gabels gate via "Gimletoppen", before crossing Elisenbergveien and Bygdøy allé and continuing in a northerly direction to Frogner plass. It lies within an area formerly part of Frogner hovedgård.

In 1891 the street was named after the banker Thomas Heftye (1822–1886), who had bought a large part of Frogner. In 1858-59 he had Villa Frognæs built on the ridge overlooking Frognerkilen. The architects were Schirmer and von Hanno. The property, with the address Drammensveien 79 has access from Thomas Heftyes gate and since 1906 has been Great Britain’s legation and later Embassy. Heftye’s villa is the formal residence of the British Ambassador. Thomas Heftye is known as a proponent of the outdoor life and was a founder and first chairman of the Norwegian Turistforeningen.

Property prices in the street are amongst the highest in Norway, particularly to the west of Bygdø Allé. Four embassies are to be found along the street: The Finnish at no. 1, British at no. 8, Austrian at no. 19 and Slovakian at no. 24.


Coordinates: 59°54′58″N 10°42′14″E / 59.91611°N 10.70389°E / 59.91611; 10.70389