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Portrait of Catherine Gordon, Lord Byron's mother, by Stewardson

Thomas Stewardson (August 1781 – 1859), was a British portrait painter.

Stewardson was born at Kendal in August 1781, the son of John and Anne Stewardson, who were from a Quaker family at Ullsmoor, near Shap in Westmoreland.[1]

He is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.[2]

Literary References[edit]

Letitia Elizabeth Landon produced the poem Portrait of a Girl, in the British Gallery, by T. Stewardson as part of her Poetical Catalogue of Pictures in the Literary gazette, 1823. This is probably Stewardson's Portrait of a Girl (traditionally identified as Lady Catherine Powlett, Countess of Darlington). She also includes a poem on A Child Screening a Dove from a Hawk in her Poetical Sketches of Modern Pictures within her 1826 collection The Troubadour.


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