For the genus of moth, see Thrinacia Thrinacia is the island home of the Cattle of Helios in Book XII of Homer's Odyssey, guarded by Helios' daughters Lampetia and Phaethusa. Odysseus and his crew arrive at Thrinacia after passing Charybdis. Odysseus has been warned by both Circe and the shade of Tiresias to avoid Thrinacia, but his men beg him to let them stop and rest, he reluctantly makes them swear an oath not to touch the cattle on the island. However, for the next month unfavorable winds blow continuously and they are unable to leave; when Odysseus goes to pray for a safe return to Ithaca, his crew, fearing starvation and eat some of Helios' cattle. In punishment, when they sail away from the island, Helios pleads to Zeus to send a thunderbolt at their ship, killing all the men except Odysseus. Odysseus is spared but, as forewarned by Circe and Tiresias, is himself punished when his return to Ithaca is delayed by a seven-year sojourn on Ogygia. Homeric Thrinacia was identified with Sicily, its name re-interpreted as Trinakria.

But Homeric Thrinacia is associated with Malta, Sicily is instead identified with the episode of the Cyclops Polyphemus

Prix D├ęcembre

The Prix Décembre known as the Prix Novembre, is one of France's premier literary awards. It was founded under the name Prix Novembre in 1989 by Philippe Dennery. In 1998, the founder resigned after he disapproved awarding of the prize to Michel Houellebecq's novel Atomised; the prize got a new patron – Pierre Bergé – and a new name: Prix Decembre. Winners: Prix Novembre: 1989 – Guy Dupré, Les Manoeuvres d'automne 1990 – François Maspero, Les Passagers du Roissy-Express 1991 – Raphaël Confiant, Eau de café 1992 – Henri Thomas, La Chasse au trésor and Roger Grenier, Regardez la neige qui tombe 1993 – René de Obaldia. Exobiographie 1994 – Jean Hatzfeld, L'Air de guerre and Éric Holder, La Belle Jardinière 1995 – Jean Échenoz, Les Grandes Blondes 1996 – Régis Debray, Loués soient nos seigneurs: une éducation politique 1997 – Lydie Salvayre, La Compagnie des spectres 1998 – Michel Houellebecq, Les Particules élémentaires Prix Decembre: 1999 – Claude Askolovitch, Voyage au bout de la France: Le Front National tel qu'il est 2000 – Anthony Palou, Camille 2001 – Chloé Delaume, Le Cri du sablier 2002 – Pierre Michon, Abbés and Corps du Roi 2003 – Régis Jauffret, univers 2004 – Philippe Forest, Sarinagara 2005 – Charles Dantzig, Dictionnaire égoïste de la littérature française 2006 – Pierre Guyotat, Coma 2007 – Yannick Haenel, Cercle 2008 – Mathias Énard, Zone 2009 – Jean-Philippe Toussaint, La Vérité sur Marie 2010 – Frédéric Schiffter, Philosophie sentimentale 2011 – Jean-Christophe Bailly, Le Dépaysement.

Voyages en France & Olivier Frébourg, Gaston et Gustave 2012 – Mathieu Riboulet, Les Œuvres de miséricorde 2013 – Maël Renouard, La Réforme de l'opéra de Pékin 2014 - Elisabeth Roudinesco, Sigmund Freud, en son temps et dans le nôtre 2015 - Christine Angot, Un amour impossible 2016 - Alain Blottière, Comment Baptiste est mort, Gallimard 2017 - Grégoire Bouillier, Le Dossier M, Flammarion 2018 - Michael Ferrier, François, portrait d’un absent, Gallimard

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering is an engineering college at Shegaon in Buldhana District in Maharashtra in India. It is affiliated at Amravati. SSGMCE was established on 23 August 1983, it is run by Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple Trust. The college grants Bachelor's & Master's degree in Engineering in Mechanical, Electronics & Telecommunications, Computer Engineering & Information Technology, it offers programs of Masters in Business Administration. It had a total enrollment of around 1,600 students in the academic year of 2017-2018; the institution is associated with the following associations: IEEE–Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, New York City E-Cell–Entrepreneurship Cell Students' Chapter American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York Association for Computing Machinery, New York Computer Society of India, Mumbai Society of Automative Engineers Institute of Engineers Indian Society for Technical Education. Maharashtra Energy Development Agency Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers Calcutta Mathematical Society Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore AIMS-Associations of Indian Management Schools National Geographic Society Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai ISBA Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engg.

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