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Mittal v/s Mittal

Mittal v/s Mittal is a 2010 Bollywood film written and directed by Karan Razdan and produced by Rajeev Kore and Dinesh Chugh. The film traces a case on file that fights for the rights of women who are subjugated to domestic violence and inhuman treatment at the hands of husbands and in-laws, a case that will empower women to fight for their pride and their right to live with dignity; the film was released on 26 March 2010. Mitali, a successful model, meets Karan, the Mittal scion, the heir to one of the richest families in the country. Mitali ‘s simple, middle-class upbringing is in complete contrast to Karan's super-brat lifestyle, but Karan was smitten by Mitali. Accustomed to getting what he wants in life, Karan landed up at Mitali's home with his parents with a marriage proposal. Delighted at their daughter's luck, Mitali's family get married, it was not long before Mitali's dreams turned into her worst nightmare. Her mother-in-law created misunderstandings between Karan and her. Karan turned out to be a puppet in his mother's hands and her father-in-law is a helpless, mute spectator.

Karan wanted to subdue Mitali's independent streak. He who appeared to be a loving husband was in fact a violent monster at night within the privacy of their bedroom. Unable to bear the humiliation and pain after she resisted his advances and is raped by him, Mitali decided to take charge of her life, she decided to fight back. Mitali hired a lawyer and filed a case against her husband. Karan retaliated by hiring the best lawyer money can buy to fight on his behalf; the film however was not received well by many and was never available online after its theatrical run for unknown reasons. Rohit Roy as Karan Mittal Rituparna Sengupta as Mitali Mittal Gulshan Grover as Harish Salunke Suchitra Krishnamoorthi as Karuna Maheshwari Dolly Thakore as Karan's Mother Amar Talwar as Karan's Father Reema Lagoo as Mitali's Mother Anjan Srivastav as Mitali's Father Iravati Harshe as Ramola Hazel Crowney as Special appearance for item song The Music Was Composed By Shamir Tandon and Released by T-Series. Official Website Mittal v/s Mittal on IMDb Mittal v/s Mittal at Bollywood Hungama Official Website

Dollarway High School

Dollarway High School is a comprehensive public high school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas that serves grades 9 through 12. It is one of three public high schools in Pine Bluff and the only high school managed by the Dollarway School District. Within the state, the school is referred to as Pine Bluff Dollarway. Dollarway High serves sections of Pine Bluff as well as Altheimer and Wabbaseka. A small portion of White Hall is in the Dollarway school district, it serves the unincorporated areas of Tucker, Plum Bayou and Wright. In 1971, due to the federally mandated integration of public schools, Dollarway merged with all-black Townsend Park High School. Dove v Parham, 1959 lawsuit mandated integration at Dollarway, but segregationists including Jim Johnson and Amis Guthridge incited a riot to prevent black children from attending the schools. In 1963, two black children in a wagon were beaten by white parents. In 1964, a black man Rob Bryant, was elected to the Dollarway School District. Although there was an attempt on the part of whites to invalidate the election, Bryant joined the board.

The Altheimer Unified School District consolidated into the Dollarway School District on July 10, 2006. The Altheimer district operated Altheimer-Sherrill High School. At some point Altheimer-Sherrill closed and the students were rezoned to Dollarway High. In 2016 Dollarway High moved into the building occupied by Robert F. Morehead Middle School; the assumed course of study is the Smart Core curriculum developed by the Arkansas Department of Education. Students may engage in exams prior to graduation. Dollarway has been accredited by AdvancED since 1962; the Dollarway High School mascot is the Cardinal bird with school colors of white. For 2012-14, the Dollarway Cardinals participate in the 4A Region 2 Conference for interscholastic activities administered by the Arkansas Activities Association including baseball, cheer, cross country, golf and track and field. Football: The football team won 3 consecutive state football championship in 1988, 1989, 1990, with a combined record of 40-2. Golf: The boys golf team won a state golf championship in 1960.

Basketball: The Cardinals boys basketball team was a 2013 state championship finalist. Track and field: The boys track team won a state track and field championship in 1990. Dollarway students are provided various opportunities to participate in clubs and organizations that provide networking of special interests, community service and events, including: The following are notable people associated with Dollarway High School. If the person was a Dollarway High School student, the number in parentheses indicates the year of graduation. Carl Kidd - American football player in the NFL and CFL. Official website

Morinomiya Station

Morinomiya Station is a railway and subway station in Chūō-ku, Japan. West Japan Railway Company Osaka Loop Line Osaka Metro Chūō Line Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line There are two side platforms with two tracks elevated. Tichet gates are located only in the north. Chūō LineThere is a side platform with three tracks under the ground level. Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi LineThere is an island platform fenced with platform gates between 2 tracks underground, in the east of the platforms for the Chūō Line. Osaka Castle JR West Morinomiya Depot Osaka Municipal Subway Morinomiya Depot and Workshop Sakura Color Products Corporation

Walt Morey

Walter "Walt" Morey, was an author of numerous works of children's fiction, set in the U. S. Pacific Northwest and Alaska, the places where Morey lived for all of his life, his book Gentle Ben was the basis for the 1967 movie Gentle Giant and the 1967-1969 television show Gentle Ben. He wrote a total of 17 published books, most of which involve as a central plot element the relationship between man and animals. Many of his works involve people going into the wild to "discover" themselves. Morey began going to school in Jasper, Oregon, he was never keen on school. In 1934 he began working in a veneer plant, making brushes in a paintbrush factory and doing work in the woods. On July 8, 1934, he married Rosalind Ogden, in Portland, Oregon. Rosalind died February 28, 1977. On June 26, 1978 he married Peggy Kilburn. Early in his writing career, he published numerous short pulp fiction stories. For much of his life, he was a diver, in addition to being an author. Morey won awards for his books Gentle Ben, Kavik the Wolf Dog, Canyon Winter, Runaway Stallion, Run Far Run Fast, Year of the Black Pony.

Dutton Animal Book Award for Gentle Ben and Kavik the Wolf Dog Sequoyah Book Award Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award The Monique Alexis Hoswoot Award William Allen White Children's Book Award No Cheers, No Glory Gentle Ben Kävik the Wolf Dog Angry Waters Runaway Stallion Gloomy Gus Deep Trouble The Bear of Friday Creek, illustrated by Derek Collard Scrub Dog of Alaska Canyon Winter Home is the North Run Far, Run Fast Operation Blue Bear Year of the Black Pony Sandy and the Rock Star Hero The Lemon Meringue Dog Death Walk Morey lived on property he owned in Wilsonville and wrote many of his books there. After his death, his widow sold the property to developers; the resulting development was named Morey's Landing and contains Walt Morey Park, a bear-themed park that features an 8-foot-tall life-size carved wooden statue of Morey's famous fictional bear, Gentle Ben. In 2012, the Gentle Ben statue was stolen from the park by local teens and dumped in a roadside ditch, it was found and returned to the park.

The Wilsonville Public Library has honored Morey by naming its Walt Morey Children's Room after him, displaying a 3-foot-tall bronze statue of him and displaying other memorabilia, such as his typewriter and editions of his books. The Reynolds School District in Troutdale, opened Walt Morey Middle School in 1998. Something About the Author. Detroit: Gale Research, Inc. 1990. "The Wild and Wooly Man Who Writes Kids' Books" by Larry Leonard, 1986 Guide to the Walter Nelson Morey papers 1939–1990 at the University of Oregon Walt Morey at Library of Congress Authorities, with 24 catalog records

Carl Schultz

Carl Schultz is a Hungarian-Australian film director. He left his native Budapest during the uprising of 1956 with his brother Otto Schultz, they fled to England, after arriving in London they moved to Manchester. In 1958, Schultz emigrated to Australia by himself, where he worked for Australian TV, first as a cameraman, as a director. In 1978, he directed Blue Fin, starring Hardy Kruger, his more notable film credits include Careful, He Might Hear You, winner of eight Australian Film Institute Awards, including Best Director and Best Film. 1982 — Nominated AFI Award Best Direction for: Goodbye Paradise 1983 — Won AFI Award Best Director for: Careful, He Might Hear You 1990 — Nominated for International Fantasy Film Award Best Film for: The Seventh Sign 1997 — Nominated AFI Award Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Sourcefor: Love in Ambush The Misanthrope Ride on Stranger A Place in the World A Touch of Reverence Blue Fin Levkas Man Goodbye Paradise Careful, He Might Hear You Travelling North Bullseye The Seventh Sign To Walk with Lions Carl Schultz at IMDB - Film Database - BBC - Movie review New York Times -