Tiburon Peninsula

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Location of the Tiburon Peninsula, shaded in green

The Tiburon Peninsula (French: Péninsule de Tiburon), or simply "the Tiburon" (le Tiburon), is a region of Haiti encompassing most of Haiti's southern coast. It starts roughly at the southernmost of the Haiti-Dominican Republic border and extends westward near Cuba, forming a large headland. Four of Haiti's ten departments are located entirely within the region, they are the departments of Grand'Anse, Nippes, Sud, and Sud-Est. A large part of Ouest department is also located in the region, with the capital, Port-au-Prince serving as the line of demarcation between central Haiti and the south; the biological hot-spot of the Massif de la Hotte is located in the region (the extreme southwest) in which various endemic species on the island originate.

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Coordinates: 18°21′N 73°08′W / 18.350°N 73.133°W / 18.350; -73.133