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Time To Know
Industry Education
Founder Shmuel Meitar, Morris Kahn
Headquarters Israel
Area served
Number of employees
Website timetoknow.com

Time To Know is an Israeli education technology program, that started as a philanthropic project in Israel in 2005, by Shmuel Meitar and Morris Kahn from the Aurec Group, who were the founders of Amdocs, a software company that specializes in customer care and billing systems for the telecom industry. Time To Know enhances student learning by providing engaging and adaptive content focused on exploration, inquiry-based learning, collaborative class discussions, multimedia activities, and games.[1]

Originally, it was strictly a philanthropic endeavor. Meitar had spent a decade helping underprivileged students particularly in rural Israel advance their education through scholarships and college readiness services. The platform was first piloted in Israel in 2007, where it continues to be a philanthropic effort. In 2008, Meitar recruited businessman and professor Dr. Yosi Ben-Dov, with experience in the U.S. and Israel. They established Time To Know as a for-profit entity outside Israel in order to fund continued development. The platform was introduced to public schools in Texas in 2009 and in New York City’s iZone in 2010-11.[2]

As of February 2011, Time To Know was used by 60 schools (6,500 students) in Israel and by 29 schools (3,200 students) in New York City and 4 schools in Texas (1,500 students). Pilot projects began in 2012 in Singapore (three schools with 300 students) and Korea (one school, expected to expand to 10 schools with 50 students by fall 2012). The program was slated to be introduced in France in March 2012 with 300 students in five schools.[2]

The company employs 250 people in Israel and the US, and has an extensive professional development program. It has been funded entirely by Meitar, who has invested $60 million of his own money into developing Time To Know. In October 2011, LaVerne Evans Srinivasan, former deputy chancellor with the New York City Department of Education, joined Time To Know as president of its North American division.[2]

Time To Know created the first Digital teaching platform which is a fully integrated platform the teacher to take full advantage of the digital world.[3] The basic hardware requirement is one laptop (or tablet) per student and a desktop connected to a projector for the teacher. The main features of the software are the ability of the teacher to "control" the students.


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