Timeless (film)

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Timless Tuschinski Poster.jpg
Directed by Alexander Tuschinski
Produced by Alexander Tuschinski
Written by Alexander Tuschinski
Starring Sebastian B
Alexander Tuschinski
Helmut Berger
Harry Lennix
Rick Shapiro
Angus Macfadyen
Zachi Noy
Alliene Hochrein Gunn
Jennifer Pakosch
Cinematography Matthias Kirste
Alexander Tuschinski
Edited by Alexander Tuschinski
Release date
  • November 27, 2016 (2016-11-27) (Paris Independent Film Festival)
Running time
109 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Timeless is a 2016 German science fiction film directed by Alexander Tuschinski. Besides many German actors, it stars Helmut Berger[1] , Harry Lennix, Rick Shapiro, Angus Macfadyen and Zachi Noy.[2] It had its world premiere at Paris Independent Film Festival on November 27, 2016.[3]


The film is about a young man, Arnold Richter, who suddenly travels in time from Germany 1932 to a near-future where a new dictatorship rises. There, he gets involved in many different events and adventures, which lead to a full-blown revolution being started.[2]


Helmut Berger (right) and Alexander Tuschinski on the set of Timeless (2015)

The production is filmed in Germany. The cast mostly consists of German actors, along with Helmut Berger, Harry Lennix, Rick Shapiro, Angus Macfadyen and Zachi Noy. Additionally, film directors Tinto Brass and Hugo Niebeling appear in the film. Alexander Tuschinski wrote many major parts specifically with the actors portraying them in mind,[4] and worked on the characters in close connection with the actors during preparation and during filming.[5]

For sequences set on the Eastern Front in 1945, the film uses one of the few drivable Soviet T-34/85 tanks in Germany.[6] Those scenes were filmed near Dresden. Sequences depicting American troops on the Western Front in 1944 were filmed in an old factory building in Stuttgart[2]

The film was scheduled to have its world premiere in 2016.[7] After multipe festival screenings in 2017 (among them at Berlin Independent Film Festival[8] and Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival where it won "Best International Film"[9]) it was released on amazon in January 2018.


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