Timmy Lenox

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Timmy Lenox
Josh Ryan Evans as Timmy Lenox
Passions character
Portrayed byJosh Ryan Evans
First appearanceJuly 9, 1999
Last appearanceAugust 12, 2002
Created byJames E. Reilly
Book appearancesHidden Passions
ResidenceLenox House
Harmony, New England

Timmy Lenox is a fictional character from the NBC/DirecTV daytime drama Passions portrayed by Josh Ryan Evans. The actor died of a congenital heart defect the very day his character Timmy died on the show and donated his heart to Charity Standish.[1][2][3][4]


Timmy and Tabitha enjoy Martimmys

Timmy was originally a doll created by the town witch Tabitha Lenox as a sidekick in her various evil schemes against the people of Harmony. Timmy had a good heart though and came to love Charity Standish, a main target of Tabitha's evil, for her innocence and kindness. At times Timmy would interfere with Tabitha's schemes to get rid of Charity. One time when Tabitha was planning to make Charity kill Miguel by giving him a poisoned petit four, Timmy swapped the petit four resulting in Tabitha eating it and melting. Tabitha survived through the help of Timmy, Dr. Bombay and Matilda. Another time Tabitha and Timmy were locked in a psych ward because Tabitha wanted to be close to Charity; when Tabitha overheard them giving a drug to Charity that can make her open to suggestion, Tabitha used the incident to tell Charity to kill Miguel. But, however, when Tabitha couldn't escape, Timmy was removed; when Timmy went near Charity, he foiled Tabitha's plan and told Charity not to kill Miguel. When Tabitha found out she was owing tax payers' money, she couldn't pay because she had lost her powers back when she tried to destroy Charity in a house fire. Timmy then found out about Tabitha's memoirs and stole it and published it. During that time Tabitha and Timmy discovered that the evil witch and an enemy of Tabitha's, Hecuba, was set out to destroy Charity and take Tabitha's place, they also discovered that Kay had sold her soul to Hecuba to break Charity and Miguel. Later on, when Tabitha's memoirs were published, they fled town only to nearly end up getting killed by a psycho hotel owner named Norma, they fled and returned to Harmony, only to find out that Hecuba had Charity trapped in a closet to Hell. Tabitha and Timmy then later on were summoned to Hecuba's cave. Down there they found that Kay and Miguel were trying to destroy Hecuba to try and save Charity, they opened a box of light to try and destroy Hecuba but failed due to Miguel closing the box before Hecuba could be destroyed. Tabitha and Timmy survived the box and were set free, they then tricked Hecuba and trapped her in a bottle and Kay's soul was now with Tabitha. They then returned home and took the bottle and threw it in the basement. Tabitha and Timmy then found out that Kay and Miguel went back into Hell to try and rescue Charity and also realized that they were being dragged to the 10th level of Hell. Timmy wanted to know how they can be saved. Timmy then found out from Tabitha that Charity could be saved through a Demon's Claw; the Little Angel Girl came to Timmy, seeing that he has a good heart, encouraging him to use it. Timmy used the Demon's Claw resulting in the closet to Hell in Charity's closet to be destroyed and saving Charity. At one stage, he also returned Kay's soul after hearing Charity pray, he wanted to be a real boy and his wish was finally granted by the Little Angel Girl in January 2002.[5] Tabitha then began introducing him as her great-nephew as he could now meet mortals without turning back into an in-animate doll. Timmy, now a real boy, knew that the real Charity was trapped in a block of ice and wanted to find a way to save Charity, he found out from a book of spells that a Demon's Horn can destroy the evil Charity Kay created and save the real Charity. Timmy left Harmony in search of the Demon's Horn, it was during that journey that Timmy discovered Julian Crane, who had fled Harmony due to everyone trying to kill him. Julian helped Timmy through his journey in search of the Demon's Horn. At times Julian saved Timmy from Zombie Charity's assassins; when Timmy returned to Harmony, he used the Demon's Horn to save Charity. During that time the real Charity and Zombie Charity had a fight and during that fight Zombie Charity attacked him with her powers leaving him gravely injured. Timmy later died unable to heal from the injuries inflicted by Zombie Charity, he died on August 5, 2002. After his death, Tabitha got her powers back after losing them for failing to destroy Charity; when she got her powers back, she wanted to revive Timmy but learned that she unknowingly signed a form that gave Timmy's heart to Charity. She tried to destroy Charity and stop the heart transplant but Timmy came down and convinced not to destroy Charity and so she stopped. Tabitha loved Timmy dearly and still feels the loss of her son/'great-nephew' as well as her best friend.

Timmy appeared to Tabitha in October 2003 as a surprise to meet Tabitha's new daughter, Endora; the spirit of Timmy made an appearance in late 2007, advising Tabitha to use good, not evil, to rescue her daughter Endora and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald from the dark side.


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