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Joint-stock company
ProductsArtillery, Ballistic missile launchers
ParentMoscow Institute of Thermal Technology

Titan-Barrikady (Russian: Титан-Баррикады) is a military-industrial company based in Volgograd, Russia. It was formed in 1914, after the merger between the Barrikady Production Association and the Titan Design Bureau,[1] it is a subsidiary of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology.[2]


The plant was established in 1914 as the Tsaritsyn Weapons Factory, and renamed Red Barricades after the Russian Revolution,[3] it was for a time the largest munition factory in Europe.[3] Titan had its origins as the factory's design bureau;[4] the factory was overrun during Operation Barbarossa, but resumed production in 1944.[4] The Titan Design Bureau was separated from the factory in 1990.[4]

Barrikady plant[edit]

Barrikady is a major manufacturer of heavy machinery and large steel castings and forgings, its manufacturing facilities include the Barrikady Drilling Equipment Plant, one of two large producers of oil drilling rigs in Russia (the other being Uralmash in Yekaterinburg).[5]

Barrikady assembles mobile launchers for ballistic missiles and artillery pieces. Barrikady is located near the large Krasny Oktyabr Steel Plant.[5]


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