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Tolede.Santa Maria la Blanca.intérieur2.JPG
Region of origin Spain, Morocco, Greece, Israel, France; Spanish-speaking countries
Language(s) Spanish, Ladino
Meaning "Toledan" "from Toledo (or from Reino de Toledo)"
Other names
Variant(s) Toledani; Toledo, de Toledo
The city of Toledo, Spain where the Toledano family name originated.

Toledano (Hebrew: טולדנו‬, Ladino: טולידאנו) is a family name derived from the city of Toledo, Spain. Bearers of the name can be found mainly in Spanish-speaking countries, the United States, France, Canada, Israel, and Australia.[1] Among Mizrahi Jews, and in particular Sephardi Jews in their various diasporas, the Toledano surname is still prevalent, indicating an ancestry traced back to Toledo, Spain. It should also be noted that the Toledano name was also retained among non-Jews in various Spanish-speaking countries.[2]

The Jewish Toledanos were expelled from Spain in 1492. After the expulsion from Spain the Toledanos went to Safed, Salonika, and Morocco. They arrived in Fez, Morocco during the 16th century from Salonika and from there went to Meknes and became leaders of the community from the 16th century until the present day.

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