Toledo East

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Toledo East
for the Belize House of Representatives
Electorate6,640 (2012)
Major settlementsPunta Gorda, Monkey River Town
Current constituency
Party     People's United Party
Area RepresentativeMichael Espat

Toledo East is an electoral constituency in the Toledo District represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 2012 by Michael Espat of the People's United Party. Espat also served several non-consecutive terms in the constituency dating back to 1989.


The Toledo East constituency was one of 10 new seats created for the 1984 general election, it is one of two constituencies in the rural Toledo District of southern Belize, currently comprising the district's coastal areas including Punta Gorda and Monkey River Town.[1]

Toledo East is a very competitive constituency, routinely changing hands between the PUP and the UDP since its creation. In 2003 Espat became the constituency's only Area Representative re-elected to a consecutive term to date.

Area Representatives[edit]

Election Area Representative[2] Party
1984 Charles Wagner UDP
1989 Michael Espat PUP
1993 Joseph Cayetano UDP
1998 Michael Espat PUP
2008 Eden Martinez UDP
2012 Michael Espat PUP


Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
2012 general election [3]
Electorate: 6,640
Turnout: 4,835 (72.82%) −3.62
PUP gain from UDP
Majority: 340 (7.03%) −10.31
Michael EspatPUP2,41749.99+12.83
Eden Martinez UDP2,07742.96−11.54
Wil Maheia PNP2825.83−0.95
2008 general election [4]
Electorate: 5,773
Turnout: 4.413 (76.44%) −1.45
UDP gain from PUP
Majority: 765 (17.34%) +11.72
Eden MartinezUDP2,40554.50+7,89
Michael Espat PUP1,64037.16−15.07
Wil Maheia PNP2996.78-
Herman Marion Lewis Independent350.79-
2003 general election [5]
Electorate: 4,269
Turnout: 3,325 (77.89%) −9.18
PUP hold
Majority: 189 (5.62%) −11.49
Michael EspatPUP1,75752.23−5.49
Eden Martinez UDP1,56846.61+6.0
1998 general election [6]
Electorate: 4,533
Turnout: 3,947 (87.07%) +9.18
PUP gain from UDP
Majority: 675 (17.11%) +16.91
Michael EspatPUP2,27857.72+7.82
Ryan Kenneth Pennell UDP1,60340.61−9.49
Maximiliano Requena NABR300.76-
1993 general election [7][8]
Electorate: 4,135
Turnout: 3,100 (74.97%) +1.07
UDP gain from PUP
Majority: 4 (0.2%) −5.0
Joseph CayetanoUDP1,55250.1+3.3
Michael Espat PUP1,54849.9−2.1
1989 general election [9][10]
Electorate: 3,375
Turnout: 2,494 (73.9%) +0.5
PUP gain from UDP
Majority: 130 (5.2%) −18.0
Michael EspatPUP1,29852.0+8.7
Charles Wagner UDP1,16846.8−19.7
1984 general election [11][12]
Electorate: 2,293
Turnout: 1,683 (73.4%) n/a
UDP win
Majority: 199 (23.2%) n/a
Charles WagnerUDP92766.5-
Liegh Usher PUP72843.3-