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Facade of the Toledo Infantry Academy

The Infantry Academy (ACINF) is a military training center of the Spanish Army located in the city of Toledo. The center is responsible for providing basic training, specialization and training for officers and non-commissioned officers of the infantry branch of the Spanish Army.


Main facade of the Toledo Infantry Academy.

The academy was created with the name of Infantry College in Toledo, in 1850. The October 17 of 1875, after having been temporarily transferred to Madrid, settled in the Alcázar of Toledo. [1] It disappeared in 1882 to be absorbed by the newly created Military Academy, but returned to constitute like Academy of Infantry when the General Military Academy was dissolved in 1893.

At the end of the war, the Infantry Academy was provisionally installed in Zaragoza, at the building of the Military General Academy, and in Guadalajara, San Diego de Alcalá Foundation headquarters.[2] From 1948 - 1949, the course returned to Toledo, to a new building, which was the work of the military engineers Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Carrasco Cadenas, Lieutenant Colonel Arturo Ureña Escario, and Lieutenant Colonel Julio Hernández García. The building, constructed in Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Herrerian style, harmonizes well with the Alcázar, located on the opposite side of the River Tagus.[3]


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